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Love in Relationships

Updated on July 9, 2013

Power of Love

Power of Love

Power of love can feed us, and make our heart beat in synchronicity with all life. Power of love can propel us into heavenly bliss. It can shroud us in the hues of pink and blue, leaving footprints wherever we go. Power of love can set us free. Have we not all been in search for this power? Do you believe love is all we need?

The statistic of failed relationships runs higher than those that have succeeded. The burning in our hearts feel as if it will consume us with desire to find this power of love. We pray to find our soul mate, so we can share our own self-indulgent meaning of love. This power is often used in a corrupt way; weaving its’ black magic guise in innocence.

Power of Love

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Eclipse of Love

The Dark side of the Power of Love

There is a dark side to this power, which is cloaked in sharp blades called love. Everyday someone proclaims love. Everyday someone is taken by the power of love, to only respond to it in the webs of black magic. The dark side of the power of love comes in those areas we are lacking. As two people meet, hypnotized by this heart beating power, they don the table with gifts for the other. They proclaim everlasting love, trust, respect and gratitude, yet a closer look at those gifts sing a totally different tone.

Both parties arrive at the table to do the dance of deception. They set upon this table loving gifts that sheens through in intoxicating lights. These love gifts are cast in the shadows of obligations, which are weaved into the glitter, masquerading power of love. Truth be known each contains hidden poisonous fibers. As they drink from the cup of love, increasing their power, they have written in invisible ink a contract for failure. Love again become a delusion, and will lead to the table of separation.

Those who have done this dance believed they had found the right one. This person would provide them heaven on earth. They also had an underlining belief and need that this person would love them enough to fill the gaps in their heart. When they came to that table their gifts were tied with conditions. These conditions can never be met. The altar of the power of love is a sacred place. It is a place where we promise to love someone for who they are. This altar is the sovereignty of unconditional love. Unfortunately most people use it as the altar of another healing their pain. They look for this person to fix the pain in their heart from their own deficiencies of love. This is the dark side of the power of love.

Dark side of love

Recognizing this dark side in you

Imagine two people coming to this table and what they have to offer. We will call these two people A and B. I will not give a gender to them. They come to the table dressed in the way that they hope would please the other. There is joy, wonder and anxiety within them, which is wrapped in a ball. The need for the other to be the one is foremost in their consciousness. They display their best behavior. The gathering is pleasant, as well as emotionally intoxicating. They both pledge love, honor and trust to each other, yet at the same time their secret agenda pushes forward in their mind. They share their histories with each other.

Person A speaks of being the black sheep in their family. The parents, siblings and close family always was against what this person believed. They did not honor their choices for career, religion and other major decisions. This person had to stand alone through most of its life. They met others, but people just did not understand them.

Person B, while holding Person’s A hand, nods and mentions they understood and cherish who Person A is. They love everything about them. Person B tells of how a parent has abandoned them. They left home completely, or was not emotionally available. They go on to speak of those they have had a romantic connection, and to no avail these people cheated on them. They broke the trust, in them. It is hard for them to trust anyone now.

Person A continues holding Person’s B hand and pledges to always be available to them. They will never cheat on them.

The reality though of this conversation is this: I need you to approve of me, help me to build my trust in others, and most of all to fill me with the love I do not have for myself. Each person is entering this relationship with lack. They have nothing to really give the other, but lack. When one cannot totally love, respect, honor and trust themselves, they become energy vampires. Their goal is to gain those elements from another. The relationship becomes drained. This sacred altar was abused from day one, because they did not take the time to heal themselves before entering a relationship. Instead of two lights beaming and embracing love, all you had was two energy vampires ready for the kill.

Dark Side of Love

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The Dark Side of Love and You

The dark side of love is something many do not think about. They maybe did not know they were contributing to the failure of their relationships. It can be very haunting to discover this. If you do see yourself in this, do not fret. You can learn to heal from these timeless hurtful acts.

Honeymoon Effect

About Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, a biologist, wrote this book The Honeymoon Effect. It discusses how our brain is wired to love, and how to embrace unconditional love. Here is a short excerpt that I hope you will enjoy.

Light Side of Love

The Power of Love of the Light

There is a power of love, and it is one of the most beautiful expressions of life. It exists. It is waiting to encircle those who resonate with it. This power of love is not linked to romantic love, though it spreads into it. The love of self is where it generates. This love is the extension of the person’s soul. Humans though will have to rediscover it on this journey call life.

Love is acceptance of who we are. We do not seek it outside. We are comfortable with the path we chosen. We do not have the need to shove it down someone’s throat. It is our path, and that is all that matters. We embrace others’ paths without the need to change them. For some their path is a different one. They do follow the road less chosen. They do because it is from their heart. To live life in accordance to another’s wishes does not register in their head. They will not be seeking someone who will help them to accept themselves. There is no need. They will most likely resonate with like minds, and this will become their community. It is not because this group accepts them that draws them. Instead the pull is from heart to heart, or also known as unconditional love.

Loving someone is not used as a weapon for controlling another. The heart is already filled, so no one needs to come along and fill those empty spaces. Their own self-love has already filled their heart. It would be inconceivable to them to want someone give them the love that another could not. They know there is not a person alive that can offer this. It is a cruel act to expect this from another. They have healed from those experiences, because they knew it is vital. They have learned that they are totally responsible for filling their heart with unconditional love.

Becoming the Light of Love

Power of Love is Available in Everyone

The power of love is available in everyone. It is our choice to use it against others or to embrace others with it. This power is to be given without conditions. If it is given with conditions, we poison the other person, as well as ourselves. Today someone will do the dance of the power of love. Today they will sign an invisible contract. This contract has only two choices. First choice is to unconditionally love this person, without putting obligations on them. The second choice is to love as an emotional vampire and suck their life out of them. One will succeed in love, and the other will destroy in the name of love. The power of love has a light and dark side. What side will you choose? If you have not heal what ails you from the past, do not fool yourself, for you will choose to be the energy vampire.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks you Amanda

    • AmandaJon profile image

      Amanda Jones 

      5 years ago

      This is fascinating!

      Interesting Hub. Lots of food for thought.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you MsDora. Yes, many people actually live love through the dark side. It is so much easier to wish someone will fix your old wounds, than doing it yourself.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Never really considered the dark side of love. Sounds really dangerous. Thanks for the enlightenment.


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