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Praying for a husband

Updated on February 12, 2015

In God's time it will happen if you believe and have faith.
Put it all in the hands of God. Pray and release.
Releasing it to God takes the worry, impulsiveness and
impatience away from you. Doubt and negativity will
come in but quickly remember and acknowledge who
holds you and your problems. Your problems will be
separated from you and blessings will be given to you
in it's place.

And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that I will do, that
the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye ask any thing
in my name, I will do it. John 14:13-14 (KJV)

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from
the Lord. Proverbs 18:22

And of course he must be a godly man in order to have a good woman like yourself in his life.The world is filled with men who are not worthy to be with a good woman. Either they are cheating, Abusing their girlfriends and wives or they are not taking on the full responsibility of being a good husband.

Single ladies, the excuses about all of the good ones are taken doesn't register with God who has over 7 billion children and counting. He says that nothing is impossible with him, He can make a camel pass through the eye of a needle and part a sea. People cannot do this.

So the next time you feel like you need to settle for someone who is treating you badly or not marrying you when you so desire it. Turn away from this man and start praying for a good and godly husband, not a boyfriend. Unless you are too young to be married.

An adult boyfriend wants you to perform all wifely duties without being married to him. He can turn on a dime and leave you at anytime. Men and women were designed to be married, be fruitful and multiply. Let them marry: For It is better to marry than to burn with passion 1 Cor 7:8-9


To help you along on your first prayer for a husband. Say this
prayer along with me who is also seeking a husband.

Father God, who art in Heaven...please hear my prayer. Lord forgive me for all of my fornication with men who did not belong to me. Forgive me for every thing that offended you. Lord, work on my life making it better where I stand today, help me to enjoy my life, help me to take care of my self and be independent. Lord, take any infirmaries away from me so that when you send the proper mate, I will be in good health and become a good wife and mother. Bless my future husband with good health and financial independence. Lord bless my future husband and me with a stable, happy and productive lifestyle. Let our love be an example to the world, showing them what true love is all about. Lord, give me any assignment you have for me to do before my future husband arrives and help my future husband and I work together for your glory... In Jesus Name I pray.

Always remember that you get what you ask for when you pray in faith if it is God's will and in your best interest. However, If you ask God to send you a boyfriend, "A BOY" and you will get just that. Of course God knows your heart but it is more than music to his ears to hear it from your mouth and spirit. Be specific when in prayer. God will give you what he think is in your best interest.

God will send you a boyfriend and he leaves it up to that boyfriend through free will to do the right thing by you and that is to get to know your spirit and realize that he should be making you his wife. But many times because of free will and man's desire to roam or be unfaithful, abuse and use a woman. The woman gets hurt and is led astray by a man who is not following God's plan to become a loyal and good husband.

That is why I believe that being specific is important when asking God in prayer for anything you want. Our wants, desires and needs are all different. Your wants and desires are to satisfy your flesh and your needs are to satisfy your spirit or for survival purposes.

This is why a ninety year old woman might die without ever being married, it is because she didn't need a husband. She survived all of her life and she was happy in the Lord. He was all she needed and he supplied all of her needs. Giving her a roof over her head, clothes on her back,
food in her belly, friends and family. She traveled the world, even dated before... and she dies with a smile on her face. Her need for the Lord outweighed her desires for a husband.
But if this woman prayed and asked God to fulfill her desires for a husband while she knew that her priorities was the Lord first... he would have blessed her with a godly husband.

Ladies, please don't settle because settling leads you to unhappiness and it will also hurt your mate, especially if he is trying his hardest to please you. If you feel that you are in a rush to find that husband because you feel unloved, you must remember who loved you first before the foundation of this world... God, the Father.

Some people might not understand or get it about how to pray for a husband before the boyfriend. Like, which comes first the chicken or the egg. Of course no man is going to walk up off the street and ask you to become his wife or actually already be married to you. Of course with God anything is possible. But to keep what rarely happens or what normally wouldn't happen at a minimum... God will not confuse us at all.

We all have to work for something, nothing will not easily fall in our laps. You can open up your bible to the book of revelations. You know that many things may have not taken place yet and that God knows what our destinies were before he created the earth or before you were born. God is a God of order and perfect timing.

He actually knows who you will marry and it is his will for your life. There is nothing wrong with having a boyfriend, he can be good for you too, a lesson learned and you will know what to look for or not to look for in a husband. I know from experience that the boyfriends I prayed for let me down by dumping me or cheating. They did not measure up to God's expectations for me, so God removed them out of my life to keep them from further hurting me.

Some might say a husband can hurt you too... which nothing is perfect and a married couple has their days when they will have arguments, disagreements and disloyalty... It is all a part of life. However, a godly couple will work it out. You must put God first in your marriage in order for it to be a success.

I'll always pray for a husband, but if you want to do it a different way and add the boyfriend. You can ask God to send you a godly boyfriend who will become your husband someday. Let God's will be done.

Don't be in such a hurry, enjoy your time alone with the Lord.


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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 4 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Thank You, Penlady, For good to come to us in life, we must always pray and ask God for these things to manifest in our lives. We must also pray for others, so that they will also be blessed. Live for Jesus and all good things will be added to you.

    • penlady profile image

      penlady 4 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      This article is wonderful. I have told women that you have to pray for a husband. However, because they want that husband "right now" my words fall on deaf ears. So, they settle for men who are just downright worthless.

      I refuse to do this. I know that like everything else in life, you have to go to God. Relationships can be beautiful if they're with the right person. And in order to have this beauty, you've got to let God's will be done.

      Thanks for such an encouraging article. Voted up, useful, and shared with a friend.

    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 5 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Thank You, I will check it out.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      I recently read an article from a woman claiming the church is to blame for black women being single and lonely. Although I disagree with her I still found opinion to be interesting. I wrote a rebuttal.

    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 5 years ago from New Orleans, La

      My cousin was blessed to have received a teaching degree... unfortunately she still is involved with the man who molested her daughter. She still is trying to get her ex-boyfriend to pay child support and he lives four states away and between jobs. I am blessed that she is also my neighbor and she lives across the street from me and I can watch over her and her daughter. Every chance she gets she tries to talk young girls into celibacy and holding out until marriage with someone that God sends to them... not to settle because they feel they can't do any better.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      Voted up and useful!

      I agree with much of what you have said in this hub. "Single ladies, the excuses about all of the good ones are taken doesn't apply to God who has over 7 billion children and counting.""So the next time you feel like you need to settle for someone who is treating you badly or not marrying you when you so desire it. Turn away from this man..." It always comes back to what we (choose). The goal is to find someone who wants what you do! (with you) Now here is where we part a little bit.

      "A grown up boyfriend wants you to perform all wifely duties without being married to him. He can turn on a dime and leave you at anytime."

      Every (serious relationship) I have ever been in both people "expected" mutual love and devotion, respect, and monogamy. With a divorce rate of nearly 50% it's clear that "He can turn on dime and leave you..." No one is (ever) "stuck" with anyone! Thank God! :-)

      Everyone is entitled to have their own reasons for getting married. Ideally it's because (both people) feel they have found "the love of their life" and want to build a family and future together." Needing to get married for the purpose of making it more (difficult) for a person who is "unhappy" with you to leave seems a little twisted to me.

      I honestly believe there can be commitment without marriage. However all that really matters is for two people to want (the same thing). You don't want someone who "wants to get married". You want someone who wants to "marry you" and vice versa. He's not "the one" if he doesn't see you as being "the one". That doesn't make him a user or a bad person.