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Prizing: Underground Dating Secrets

Updated on October 6, 2015


In this article we are going to look at some very powerful beliefs, attitudes and frames that make up the man whom beautiful women would want to pursue.

Let's move forward.

Traits or Characteristics of men who are the PRIZE

A man's material possessions, e.g. car, house, clothes, bank account are not the things that make the man the Prize that women want to go after. If you are asking, then what are the things that man who are the Prize must have? You have come to the right place. We are going to look at several traits or characteristics that make man the Prize that women are compelled to go after. Let us move on.

1. Take a Strong Lead

Women are often compelled to follow a male who is dominant and one who takes a strong lead. They try to take the lead to test the man to see if he is actually strong and dominant as they are turned on by a man who is sure of himself and is not afraid to take a strong lead. This is actually an important aspect of being the prize for a men because if the man is not strong, is unsure of himself and is afraid to take a strong lead, the woman can reciprocate and become the Prize.

Always be the Alpha Male if you want women to see you as the Prize.

2. Have High Standards

If you want to be the Prize that women will be compelled to chase, you must have standards. It is very important to set standards if you want to be the Prize. Having standards conveys to a woman through your attitudes and behaviors that;

  1. You are not the type that will go out with any woman. A woman who wants to go out with you must first meet your standards.
  2. There are a lot of women who are after you but you just won't go out with them because they fall short of your standards and, they do, but there is a part deep down inside most women that love when men who act this way. However, only few will ever admit that it exists.

Often times man with standards are deemed arrogant, demanding and snobby by women but there is a part deep inside women that makes them go after men with standards.

3. Make Her Come Into Your World

Most men make the mistake of going into a woman's world when they are interested in women. Let me tell you now that, this not a characteristic of a man that is the Prize. Men who are the Prize, take women into their world. How? Let's take a look at an example.

A man is interested in a woman and asks her out. The woman agrees but says that she will going to her friends party and he can join her. If the man agrees and goes with the woman, the chances are that, he won't be able to take the woman into his world as she's got lots of friends there that love and admire her. She will be the center of attraction and not the man, thus making her the Prize.

In the above, scenario, the woman will become the Prize, which is a bad thing as women are attracted to men who take a strong lead. Thus, if you want to be the Prize, you do the opposite of the above example. Take the woman out to people who already know you, love you and admire you. At least for the first two outings, take her around to these places where you are well known and admired. Your chances of becoming the Prize will be great as your friends loving and admiring you will validate in her eyes that you are the Prize.


4. Make Her Accommodate You

Make women accommodate you. Be who you are and DO NOT be desperate and approval seeking.

Most men make the mistake of being insecure, desperate and approval seeking. These are not traits of men who are the Prize but rather of men who see women as the Prize. Women easily pick up on these type of men. They will even tell if a man is faking confidence and trying to accommodate her. As we have learned earlier on, women are turned off by men who try too hard accommodate them. They do not see these type of men as the Prize.

So what do you do?

Emulate the actions of men who are the Prize. Do the things that will make women court, pursue and chase you. Read all the characteristics of men who are the Prize and live by them.

5. Be Challenging

Being challenging combines other traits of men who are the Prize.

  • Taking a strong lead - women love men who take a strong lead. Challenge her that if she wants you she must follow your lead.
  • Having standards - we have learned earlier about having standards. Challenge her if she has the standards that you are looking for in a woman.
  • Make her accommodate you - be who you are and challenge her to court, pursue and chase you as the Prize.

If you can master the above traits and put into good use, you are on your way to being the Prize.

6. Have A Sense of Humor

Sense of humor is a powerful trait of men who are the Prize. A woman is defenseless when she is laughing. She feels comfortable and stops judging and analyzing every move that you make. This is a good time for you to take a strong lead, make her accommodate you and make her chase you. Humor also shows that you neither take yourself nor the interaction too seriously; and seriousness is the death of good PRIZING.

So, if you can learn in a way to get a women laughing, you are more than on your way to becoming the sort of man women try to win over because humor is irresistible.

7. Be Vulnerable

One of the common mistakes men do when they first meet a woman is, they come in as Mr. Perfect. This will turn off a woman as she will see you as fake and dishonest. So, what do you do to display vulnerability within the first few hours of meeting a woman? Show signs that you are after all just human. Tell her something that will reveal the weaknesses in you and she will know that you have weaknesses and you are subject to them. This will give you a better chance of her accommodating you and making you the Prize.

8. Display Costly Signals

If you want to be the Prize that women are compelled to chase, be in control of yourself. This is a powerful trait of men who are the Prize. Convey to women that you are in control of yourself no matter what. This is absolutely powerful as you are sending out signals to women that you are in control of yourself as the Prize and you have a lot of opportunities to go out with other women. Powerful!

9. Be Comfortable with Yourself

Women are attracted to men who are comfortable with themselves and see them as the Prize. So if you want women to see you as the Prize, be comfortable around them. Be yourself and be confident of yourself no matter what especially when you are around hot women.

Get yourself to a place where a lot of hot women are. Befriend them but do not hit on them. Do not come out as insecure and approval seeking. Just be yourself and have fun with them. This sends out the message that you are a man who takes a strong lead, have got your own standards and you are very comfortable with yourself no matter what. Women love to be around these type of men. They are irresistible and are the Prize that women like to chase.


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10. Being a dandy

Do not make the common mistake of being all masculine. Women are more compelled to chase men who are masculine but yet have a feminine charm. Thus, be man who takes a strong lead but you must have a feminine sense of style and humor. Be attentive to details only noticed by women and judge women in a way that women judge men. Women find these type of men irresistible. They are the Prize.

11. Being a coquette

Women love men who take them on an emotional roller coaster. As women are emotional beings, they love men who can make them feel an array of different emotions; sadness, happiness and excitement.

So if you want to be the Prize, you must be the man mentioned above. Be unpredictable and keep them in suspense; be the man who shows interest in a woman, and in another minute, acts if he does not know her. Make her feel sad and in the next minute make her laugh as she wasn't the one almost crying a while ago.

Women find these type of men irresistible. They are the Prize.

12. Being a Rake

Be the Bad Boy!

The word ‘rake’ is derived from the word ‘rakehell’, which means the person who rakes the coals of hell. So, it is not surprising that the type of seducer ‘rake’ is someone who offers women adventure and danger. Like the coquette, he is a master at creating an emotional roller coaster for a woman in that she can never tell what he is going to do next: he keeps her on her toes, and in suspense. So, if you are a woman reading this, I am talking about the ‘bad boy’: the guy who is a little unstable, unpredictable, and yet, you find him strangely arousing.


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