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Profiteer Climbers

Updated on January 17, 2017

Why do some people use others to construct their destiny?

There are instances in my personal life where friends and loved ones- 'who I call friendly enemies' used crafty devices and tactics to exploit my talent and ability to get what they desired. Although it is essential to help our neighbors but it seems most individuals are simply parasites and suckers whose motives are far too wicked. I am sure most of us are familiar with such people. Have you seen how creeping plants crawl round a tree? The tree supports and supplies nutrients for the creepy plant. As opportunist, they try to get whatever is need for their survival. This description befits profiteer climbers. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Politicians portray such selfish attributes. I call them profiteer climbers, they are on the move to make profit out of you.

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber: The Katya Livingston Chronicles
Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber: The Katya Livingston Chronicles

''It's really not a bad idea. Adele Lang joins the throng of post-Bridget Jones novelists with Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber, a fictional diary by Katya Livingstone, an advertising copywriter-turned-journalist who is, in short, a nasty piece of work. Katya has never met a friend she didn't stab in the back, a boss she didn't take advantage of, or a man whose net worth she didn't appraise in five seconds flat. Most of Ms. Jones's offspring are dear, dewy, put-upon creatures. Sure, they crack wise, but mostly they seem to mope around hoping for Mr. Right to happen upon them. The idea of a vile anti-heroine out to screw the world before it screws her has a certain appeal. Unfortunately, Lang's reach has exceeded her grasp, and the result is far from heavenly. The book veers wildly in tone. We never know quite how we're supposed to feel about Katya: Should we despise her? Admire her for her chutzpah? Or just shut the book in frustration? Meanwhile, sloppy grammar and unfunny jokes topple this tenuous house of cards. --Claire Dederer

From Publishers Weekly

A single, saucy British woman delivers her narcissistic rants in diary form (sound familiar?) in Adele Lang's Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber. Katya Livingston is a vain, nasty advertising copywriter who lands a gig producing a gossip column for a London tabloid - really just an outlet to crow about her prolific intake of alcohol and the search for "bonkable bachelors." The column leads to a book deal and even a brush with B-movie stardom as Katya rails against vegans, foreigners and the poorly dressed. What this sendup of the tired Bridget genre lacks in originality is made up for in sheer bitchiness. '' (amazon review)


Behavioral effects of Profiteers

The effect of such behavior leave wounds and scars in the mind of their helpers and it takes a long long time to heal. What is most annoying is, the wounded and broken hearts may never recover from the damage done. Their lives end up in a, irrepairable mess. I have seen innocent souls die through such process. Profteer climbers never show remorse despite their cognizance of the debilitating effects of their actions. For one thing, they are categorized under various umbrella names.

Traits of Profiteer climbers
So, what are the traits of Profiteer climbers? Are they born to perpetrate such mischievous behavior? Is it just part of human nature that must be enhanced?

  • Social climbers are friendly at first instance. Moreover, they are usually the sweetest and most gentle people you accost and, they will do anything within their power to buttress such attitude.
  • Besides, they are very patient and calculative. It does not matter how long it takes, profiteer climbers achieve their target because they are determined to wait.
  • In addition, they study their victims and jump at every opportunity to tap what benefits them. Like a lion, they prowl and watch for the moment when you are alone so they can strike.
  • Furthermore, they are experienced hypocrites and just carry on with this attitude as long as it last.

How to block Profiteer climbers from your life

  • Don't allow people easy access to your life.
  • Avoid exposing your secrets to people. Human nature is weak and no matter what, they will one day let the cat out of the bag .
  • Pray to GOD to reveal the motives of people that come your way
  • Laugh and play with them but do not give away much information
  • Study people that ask for help. How do they respond if you say no at first meeting?
  • Don't get them involved in your personal and family issues.
  • Be inquisitive. Always ask them questions about their lives. Allow them to say much about themselves and if possible find out the truth.
  • Test them not on paper.

Profiteering-a trait of human nature

In contrast, I think it is not wise to judge or condemn profiteer climbers. I believe, in most cases ,human beings have done likewise to GOD. From my perspective, when peoplw are in a desparate situations, they go to any length to ask HIM for help. Alas, when the need is met and the miracle supplied, such individuals vanish. They discard the source of their help and do not bother to stay with the fountain source that provided the solution.

All things considered, let me give an illustration, I will use a couple I knew five years ago to nail my point. Tim courted Jane for three years. He was homeless and jobless and they had a relationship. She introduced him to her wealthy family. Tim was happy . Three years passed and they got married. In the course of time, they had a son. Tim knew Janes’s family was not united but her father was very rich and he decided to capitalize on it. On the other hand, Jane was a well brought up woman who never hurt a cockroach. However, Tim proposed they travel to America and live there. He persisted on this plan until she gave in to his desire. Moreover, they were financially not up to the task but Tim encouraged her to manipuate her father and get a million dollars from him. He taught her the tricks. Their plan worked out and they immigrated to America. After two years in America, Tim dumped Jane, divorced her and married another woman. So, what do you think? Does this behavior match that of a profiteer? What would you do if you were Jane?

On balance, profiteer climbers show up in different ways with a game plan to suck the profit and life out of you. You only need to be watchful and vigilant. If there is no crack on a wall a lizard cannot pass through so do not open the door of your mind to them.


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