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Proud of you Mother.

Updated on September 12, 2015

My Family.


Mother thank you for raising Me.

Proud of you mother.

Thank You for raising me.

The greatest‎ gift you can do with your life
Is to listen to the teachings of your parents
When you are a child.

Then materialise your dreams.
Learn from your mistakes.
Experience is the Greatest teacher.

Mother I buying 3 pants for work from Mr Price R189 each
2 shoes leather, black and brown R189 each.
I am looking for a customer service job
Next month.

My CV is amazing.Then attach my 3 last pay slips R8.700 after tax.

Should I get a job that pays me similar.
I will be saving R5000 a month.Including the R2.800 I get a month from rent.
When I have R90 000 Purchase a white Polo Vivo 2012 model R80000Put red leather seats at VW about R8000And good sound R5000Total R92000
Then settle my debt in full the second year when working right now it is about R65000Interest is R99 a monthSo it increases by a thousand rand a year.I'm when I have saved another R80000 thousand.

Call African BankReal People Standard Bank And west bank
First pay R6000 each.Should the payments reflect take a weeks leave and settle my accounts in full.And scan and keep payed up letters on my email.

When debt free.

Just renovate carpets BathroomAnd put wine rack and cupboard in kitchen

Then saving R7000 a month Which is R85000 a year for second home.In 10 years I should have saved R850 000Then get a 3 bed room house in centurion.
Rent out the town house in midrand.For R12000.Continue saving R5000Which means when I have the second home

I willbe saving R17000 a monthWhich is‎ R180 000 a year I will be saving.
In 10 years I will have R1.8 million randGet two more houses I will be 58I will have 4 properties.

Retire at 60.

I do not plan on getting married and having a family.

All I have on earth goes to Bongiwe Londiwe Nqobizwe and Nolizwe s children and grand children.

Please pray for me to abstain from substances.

Comply with medication.

And work for 20 years in my next company without relapse.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Love Nkosinathi Ncala


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