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Psychological Tricks to Many Any Guy Fall for You

Updated on July 24, 2017
Agathe L profile image

Agathe has an interest in the way people form a relationships and how attraction between two people happens. Stay tune for more.

Tired of waiting for your Mr. Right? Have had enough of your feelings being played by some guys? Well, fear not. These tricks can help you get the man of your dreams! I can’t guarantee you 100% that it will work but what I can say is, the chances are higher. If you can raise the probability of you and your crush getting together, why not, right? Oh, and before I start, don’t give me the ‘love has no reason’ nonsense. There is, of course, a reason. Everything counts – from your appearance to your personality – to make someone fall in love with you.

However, there are some conditions you need to fulfill.

1. He knows you exist

If he doesn’t know you, he can’t like you. Period. Well, if he doesn’t know you, what are you waiting for? Go talk to him. Of course, don’t let him know that you are targeting him. There’s an advantage to him not knowing you. You can act mysterious and stuff to get him to be curious about you. Just think of a situation where you must talk to him. Don’t make it obvious. Be subtle about it. First impression matters.

2. He is single and ready to mingle

Okay, I’m not saying it’s impossible to seduce these guys. It’s more about what’s morally right. You better back away if he’s married with three kids. Imagine how his family will feel if they found out. Put yourself in that situation. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, won’t you? Even if your crush is dating somebody else, move on. The guy belongs to someone else. Respect others. But if he did get attracted to you, then well, he’s not worth having. You know why? Because a good man won’t go behind his girl’s back. Chances are he’s going to do the same to you in the future!

Okay now we are moving onto the real stuff.

Find Out His Personality

Is he the popular guy that lots of girls like? Is he shy? Outgoing? Extrovert? Introvert? What is his personality? I’m sure you’ll find out easily because you can find information on the internet. After all, girls in love are better researcher than FBI. Now, it depends on the guy’s personality. Playing hard to get is a great trick but don’t do it on shy guys.

Make Him Has an Interest in You

It’s an important step. You should make him think that you’re a potential partner, instead of just friends. Even if it’s only on subconscious level. It is said that it only takes 4 minutes for someone to determine whether you want to be with this person or not. So, don’t waste your first 4 minutes, okay? That’s why I said above that people who haven’t talked to their crush have lots of advantages. For those who’ve talked, it’s fine. People’s opinions change.

There are several ways to catch his attention. Don’t be weird but have a unique personality. That’s one of the ways to catch his attention, surely! Be your own person – with your own interest and life. People are more drawn to someone who has their things together. Don’t act like he (your crush) is the center of your universe. You’ll bore him quickly. It might come off like you’re too eager. Moreover, don’t immediately show that you’re interested in him. Make him wonder. Men are hunter and they like the chase. They like the feeling of getting a reward. So yes, don’t make it easy for him. But wait, you’re probably wondering because my words are contradicting. I just told you to make your crush think of you as a potential partner. How are you going to do that if you can’t show that you’re interested in him? Body languages, of course!

Body languages are important when it comes to communication. It is also said that body languages determine whether you’re likeable or not. Here’s a great gestures to use when you’re flirting!

1. Smile

Yeah, this rule must not only be used when you’re flirting. But in case, you forgot. So, yes, smile! Smile makes you approachable. If someone you’re talking to is frowning, you wouldn’t want to bother this person, right? Right, so smile.

2. Be Casual

Don’t be too all over him. Be casual, keep your cool. Be confident. Like you don’t care what he thinks about you. But actually you do.

3. Mirror his body posture

Yes, mirroring someone’s body posture makes you more likeable. Why? Because it makes someone feels like they’re accepted. By mirroring your crush’s actions, you’ll be able to connect more with your crush. When he leans, try leaning in as well. Well, don’t mirror his act of aggression though.

4. Eye contact

Eye contact is also important. Looking into someone’s eyes is literally looking into someone’s soul. Eyes are the window to one’s soul, after all. Maintain eye contact, but don’t be creepy.

5. Laugh at his jokes

Guys like girls who make them feel manly. It feels like approval. Also, men are prideful. It feels good to make someone laugh, right? He’ll like you more.

If you follow these tips accordingly, you’re good to go.

Exposure Effect

Now, this probably wouldn’t have much effect on popular boy who has girls throwing themselves at him daily. But this will mostly likely work on shy boys. Exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon in which someone prefers some things over the others because they’re more familiar with it. Now, what is this effect used on? Yup, commercial. If you were given two drinks, one is advertised often while the other is the one you’ve never heard of, you’re likely to choose the advertised one, right? Apparently this works on people as well.

Have you ever noticed that the longer you spend time with someone, the more you like the person? So yeah, this might make the shy guys open up to you! Just talk to the guy casually. Find similarity between you two so you can find excuses to talk to him. By the way, even if he’s shy, don’t be overly eager. He’ll be put off. I’m a shy person and when someone is too all over me, I get uncomfortable. Don’t make him uncomfortable or he’ll start avoiding you.

  • Approach him often but in a non-creepy way

Yes, just go up to him and say something like things you’re both interested in. A simple hi is okay too. But don’t be too all over him though. Don’t invade his personal space unless he lets you. You’ll end up coming off as annoying and it’ll be uncomfortable.

  • Be confident

Do not make it anymore awkward than it already is. He must be feeling awkward – considering the fact that he is shy. Okay, you might be feeling nervous as well but believe me, you’re awesome! Just be confident, raise your chin, and smile. He won’t notice that you are nervous, trust me.

  • Be flirty but don’t make it obvious

Smile in that way, you know. Let’s see – a mysterious smile? Like you’re hiding something. Make eye contact while doing so. Say something smart. It’ll surely leave him wondering.

Play Hard to Get

Okay, now, this is a trick you should use on popular boys. Do not be all over him. He has girls hanging around him all the time. He’ll be put off. There’s no more mystery to you. You’re just one of those girls – girls who like a guy based on appearances. You’ll seem superficial to them. That doesn’t mean they are not proud of the fact that a lot of girls like them. So, playing hard to get is what you’re supposed to do.

Of course, this can be used on shy guys as well but do it later on when you’re already pretty close with your crush. If not, he’ll be discouraged. But if you do it when you’ve progressed, he’ll begin to wonder. That after all, there are lots of sides he doesn’t know about you. He’ll also realize how valuable you are. He’ll want to hurry up and make it official with you. He’ll probably be motivated to win you over!

Now, these are the tricks you can use.

  • Don’t make it obvious that you like him

Like before, you must not make it obvious that you like him. Why? Because the mystery is gone once your crush knows. It’s basically a game over or a score, if you are lucky, if he already knew. Be mysterious. Like, you’re giving hints that you like him . . . but not quite. He’ll begin second-guessing and before he knows it, you’re all he thinks about!

  • Make it seem like you’re busy

Don’t respond to his call and texts right away. Tell him about your fun weekend with friends. But don’t discourage him. You can just change the date to Monday night or something. Sometimes, you can say no because you have other plans. Make it seem like you have a life outside of him. It’s better if you were a generally busy person. Perhaps, if you are, you already did this without realizing it. It will make him wonder about you, definitely.

  • Don’t be needy

Do not be needy. Do not be clingy. Appear like you don’t need a guy in your life to make you happy. Wait, actually if you are not feeling that way, you better learn. Embrace your single life. If he sees that you’re this person who’s independent and has her things together, he’ll respect you more. He’ll want to be with you. Have you ever wondered why guys you like don’t like you but guys you have no interest in are interested in you? Because you’re not needy to those guys but you’re needy to the person you like.

  • Give off mysterious vibes

Be vague about yourself. Don’t give him the full fact. Just give him the half of the fact. If he wanted to know more, guess what, he needs to pry. But smile while doing so or say it in a playful manner. You know, that smile like you know something he doesn’t? Yes, that smile. Guys like challenges so yes, he’ll try to crack your codes!

  • Act like he’s not the only guy in your life

Of course, you are single but that doesn’t mean you didn’t attract other guys, right? It’ll make him competitive and regard you as something to be valued of.

Other Psychological Tricks

Aside from those two effects, you can use other psychological tricks to make him like you. Let’s take a look shall, we?

1. Sense of Smell

Have you ever smelled something before and you’re instantly reminded of someone or something? For example, your childhood? Yeah, our sense of smell is so powerful when it comes to memory. So, here’s the trick . . . wear a perfume or fragrance that smells good. Don’t be too strong though. Afterwards, stealthily, spray that particular perfume on his bag or something so even when you’re not around, you’ll be on his mind!

2. Staring Contest

Staring helps two people fall in love with each other, especially if there’s chemistry between you two. Okay, staring at him can be creepy, unless you both stare at each other at the same time and he smiles at you. So, what you can do is stare at him but when he notices you don’t look away. Just continue staring. Do not say anything. He’ll become embarrassed and guess what, he’s the one who stutters! Just laugh a little or smile lightly afterwards. If you’re lucky, he’ll mistake the feelings for love.

3. Act like you’re busy

Okay, so you two have progressed. Now, it’s time to launch this move. Pretend you’re busy, like you’re sifting through some files when he initiates a conversation. He’ll start feeling left out. Another thing to do is when you run into him, you pretend not to notice him because you’re too busy. He’ll start missing you and the next time you two have a conversation, he’ll value his time with you more!


So, there you go! Ways to make him fall for you. Like I’ve said, it doesn’t always work but it does increase the chances, especially if you do it in a right way. It can be hard to talk to your crush, I know that, but you can do it!

Just a tip though – enjoy your single life! Instead of obsessing over wanting a relationship, go out and have fun. Be comfortable with yourself. If you’re happy with yourself, the right guy will come along. You know why? Because in order to be happy with someone else, you need to be happy with yourself first!

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