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Purple Flower Pictures

Updated on May 4, 2012

I love Purple Flowers


I love the color Purple

If you love Purple Flowers then you will just love this page. My garden is full of Purple flowers, and I just love the different shades of purple. Purple flowers make a fantastic addition to any garden, and many purple flowers will add a lovely fragrance to your garden.

But mostly I love taking pictures of Purple Flowers. And I love sharing them with everyone who appreciate beautiful Purple flowers too.

I was interested in finding out the meanings and names of some of the most popular Purple flowers

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Popular Purple Flowers and their meanings

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature" - Gerard De Nerval.

Alliums - Patience, Unity , Humility

Amaranth (Globe) - Immortal Love

Aster - Love, Contentmet, Patience

Bachelor Butto (Bluebottle, cornflower) - Celebacy. Anticipation, Delicacy, Perfection

bindweed (concolvulus) Perseverance

Carnation - Unpredicatbility

Crocus - Cheerfulness

Hyacinth (Purple) - Forgvie me

Lavender - Acknowlegement constancy

Lilac - first Love

Lobelia - Malevolence, Arrogance

Orchid - Long-lasting impression, Beautiful Lady

Pansy - Thoughtfulness, Modesty

Periwinkle - Beginning of Friendship

Rhododendron - Be Cautious

Sage - Domestic vitues

Salvia - wisdom, I always think of you

Sweet Pea Flower - Depature Goodbye

Sweet William - Pefection, Grant me one Smile (KAte Middleton had a little of this in her Bouget to Prince William)

Thistle- Nobility (National embelm of Scotland)

Tuplip Purple - (Royalty)

Violets - Faithfulness watchfulness

Wisteria - Poetry, youth, Steadfast

Purple Flowers from My Garden



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    • Ana Write profile image

      Ana Gajic 4 years ago from World of Words

      It was so interesting to find out the meaning that these flowers have:) I enjoyed reading this hub:)