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Purple Wedding Bouquets

Updated on January 4, 2015

Stunning Purple Tinged Bouquet


Purple Bridal Bouquets

Traditionally, brides carry white bouquets. Times are changing and we no longer need to stick to 'the rules'. There's nothing wrong with putting a little color into your bouquet to make it pop.

Purple is a great color to use in your theme colors and to incorporate your bridal bouquet. It's a bit unique and exotic, which makes it sure to stand out and catch the eye- you won't look like every other bride carrying purple flowers. Purple is a spiritual color with a touch of mystery that embodies the spirit of your union and your future together. Purple is also the color of royalty, so there is no better way to make you look more regal like a queen for your special day.

Just as purple has its benefits, it also has its challenges—for one thing, purple comes in so many different shades. A combination of blue and red, purples come in warm tones and cool tones and in varying shades of intensity. Purple flowers range from the palest lavender pastel to the deep, dark, almost black eggplant; they can range from almost blue to practically pink.

So how do you go about choosing the perfect bouquet for your special day? Start with the basic guidelines for bouquet choice, then find that perfect flower in the perfect shade of purple!

A Blush of Purple Flowers


Choosing Purple Bouquets


Do Your Research - Bridal Bouquet Books

Selecting a Bouquet

Bouquet Selection

The first rule of selecting your bridal bouquet is making sure it goes with the dress. As mentioned above, purple comes in so many varying shades that it is extremely important to match your dress to your flower color. You should definitely put off selecting your bouquet until you’ve chosen your dress, and bring a fabric swatch to the florist so you can decide the colors.

If you’re going with a cool-tone white, such as a very crisp, pure white, choose a bouquet with cool tones. In this case you’d choose a shade of purple that’s a little more on the blue side. If you’re going with a warm-tone dress fabric, such as an antique white, go with a shade of purple that’s more on the red or pink side of the purple spectrum.

Another consideration is whether you want your entire bouquet purple, of if you just want hints of purple inter-wove into the bouquet. Think about the overall look you want to present on the day of your wedding—a multi-purple color bouquet is very bold and striking, great for modern brides who want to look a bit edgy. A bouquet of white, barely purple-tinged flowers will give you that pop of color while softening the look. A more traditional bride may wish to have a mainly white bouquet with just a light spray of purple interspersed to bring a bit of contrast to her ensemble without being overwhelming.

Almost True Blue Shades of Purple


Practically Pink Shades of Purple


Mixing it Up with Purple and Other Colors


Purple Bouquet Tips

Here are some tips for making your selections:

  • Pick a seasonal flower; not only will it almost always go better with the wedding attire, but seasonal flowers will be more readily available, less expensive and more attractive.
  • To make a purple bouquet look more traditional, stick to traditional flowers like roses and lilies. To make it less traditionally, go with exotic passion flowers.
  • Consider the shape of the bouquet as well. For a formal wedding or something on the extravagant side, incorporate purple flowers and berries in a cascading floral bouquet. For simple and informal, a small, round bouquet of purple wild flowers do the trick.
  • If you love the thought of purple but are worried about going too bold, make the rest of the wedding party's bouquets and boutonnieres purple, and only incorporate a little purple into your bouquet to match it but keep it unique.
  • Purple does not have to stand alone or be paired with white; for a very dramatic bouquet, you can use purple flowers in combination with pink, red, yellow, peach, orange or blue.
  • Can’t get just the right flower in just the right shade of purple? Talk to your florist about dying or painting flowers for your bouquet. Colors in nature vary, so this gives you maximum control if you are very picky about getting your shade0 of purple exactly right for your wedding flowers.
  • Love the look of expensive flowers, but your bouquet budget is small? Have only a couple of the more expensive purple blooms interspersed with a less expensive option. Think of these as the highlights of the bouquet, and the rest as the backdrop.
  • Other ways to add purple to a bouquet is with beads, pearls, feathers or tulle ribbon.

Making Your Own Fresh Bouquet?

Traditional Purple Peonies


Purple Agapanthus


Classic Purple Bridal Bouquets

Roses are the most classic bridal flower. They’re gorgeous, timeless, fragrant, and perfect for weddings year-round. If you’re going for tradition and elegance, they’re a perfect choice, especially for a very traditional dress. Aside from already coming in a variety of purple hues, roses are also easily dyed or colored to the perfect shade. Consider a very pale purple rose for a hint of color. Another great option is to pick a white rose just tinged with color on the edge.

The next most obvious choice for classic, traditional bouquets is lilies. Stately and chic, lilies work well not only with traditional dresses, but also more modern styles. Peonies are also very traditional and give a full, soft-looking style.

Tulips, with their highly recognizable and well-defined blooms, are great to add some clean lines and structure to a bouquet. For something a little more whimsical and dreamy, go with daffodils.

Hydrangeas offer a large cluster of quaint, tiny blooms for a very full bouquet. Some other popular and traditional choices of bridal bouquet flowers include crocus, hyacinth, ranunculus, narcissus, delphiniums, geraniums, scabiosa and lisianthus—consider snow white lisianthus with purple-tinged tips.

Divine Daisies in Purple and Other Colors


Lovely Lavender


Simple Purple Bouquets

Simple Purple Bridal Bouquets

Not every wedding is extravagant and formal, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful. For a more casual wedding, a bride might prefer to choose something simple yet charming to carry down the aisle.

One of the most simple and sweet choices to go with that is also great for an informal wedding is the daisy. Daisies are traditionally white, but these flowers make the perfect pallet to be dyed in just about any color of the spectrum. Their simple, cheerful, friendly shapes make them ideal for an unassuming bouquet, and they will fit any budget.

A great way to add a bit of color and fragrance to your bouquet is to infuse it with lavender buds. Sprays of lavender buds can not only add that bit of purple pop that you’re looking for, but can be used in combination with many different types of flowers.

A bouquet of mixed wild flowers featuring purple blooms like pansies, muscari and cineraria are very natural looking and an excellent choice for a country style wedding, or a wedding being held in a natural area such as a back yard barbeque wedding.

Some more simple but lovely blooms you might put in a casual wedding bouquet include anemones, freesia, zinnia, dogwood, carnations and lilacs. The best part about using these types of flowers is that they’re well suited for weddings on a budget and do-it-yourself bouquets.

Dare to be Dramatic


Bold and Beautiful Irises


Exotic Purple Bridal Bouquets

If you are looking to make a statement at your wedding and wish to walk in with an eye-catching, exotic bouquet, one of the first options that pop into mind are the different varieties of lilies. Daylilies also make a bold and beautiful statement in a bouquet.

While commonly part of traditional bouquets, you can make your bouquet more exiting by choosing long and lovely calla lilies. Calla lilies work very nicely for a tall bride wearing a structured dress. Alternatively, dot your bouquet with tiger lily blooms.

Talk about exotic, is there any flower that’s more graceful and delicate than the orchid? Orchids give your bouquet a flair from the far east, as do branches of cherry blossoms.

If you prefer to go tropical, imagine a bouquet featuring shapely bird of paradise perched proudly atop a spray of ferny leaves, or a cascading bouquet of bleeding hearts.

Some other exotic flowers you may wish to include in your bouquet include dahlias, jasmine, nigella, hellebores, tuberose, iris, agapanthus and antherium.

If you really want to think out of the box, think beyond flowers. Consider adding some edible elements to your bouquet in the form of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Purple chili peppers, figs and purple basil are all possible options to bring into your bouquet if you want to express your playful and creative side.



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    • shai77 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you VioletteRose; I think lavender would be a beautiful addition to even just give a hint of purple to a more traditional white bouquet; those tiny buds add such a nice texture to bouquets when mixed with larger flowers and they lend such a nice scent. Thanks for your comments.

    • VioletteRose profile image


      5 years ago from Chicago

      Beautiful bouquets, using purple lavender sounds wonderful !


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