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Waiting for you to make the first move

Updated on December 16, 2017

who will move first...

Women tend to think differently than men.

Women think with their emotions. Women act on their feelings. Women attach meaning to things; for instance, a song. A song can trigger a memory that is special to them, or incite an emotion that the lyrics have tapped into in relation to a past experience. I can say these things with all honesty and diligence, because I am a woman. A locket, a charm, and even a certain flower can all have a significant meaning to a woman.

A woman speaks with her emotions...

A woman can play a song for a man. She can speak her emotions through the lyrics of the song. The song can have a strong message for her. She needs him to respond by showing her that she is the one thing his life cannot be void of. She needs him to make that first move.

Man listens to the world. The world teaches man that his woman does not stack up to supermodels. She is not sexy enough. She is not beautiful enough. She is not funny enough. She is not rich enough. She is not independent enough. She is not strong enough. Man waits for woman to make the first move.

She needs him to make the first move, but he waits for her to make the first move. So when man does not make the first move, woman will make the first move. She will take the first steps and walk out of his life

Women act on their emotions.


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