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Qhama Ms Mbilini, How do you make one night last for eternity?

Updated on February 11, 2016

How do you make one night last for eternity?


Qhama, How do you make one night last for eternity?

How do you make one night last for eternity?

Qhama" It is to surrender to the moment. What ever it is you decide to surrender to, that moment will last forever.

Elaborate Qhama Ms Mbilini‎ I met her at high school 1997 I was 17.

We kissed, deeply.

Distance drove us apart.

Only to reunite with my empress ‎19 years later

Not even a dream.

I sweet reality.

Measure sparingly.

How do you make one night last forever?

This topic has plagued the minds and hearts of romantics since the beginning of time and civilisation.


The material

Money will buy you comfort

The up market home to raise your children and provide shelter for your family.

Being raised upright, as well as your democratic right to a reasonable education.

Having a job that pays well enough to groom self and take care of the basic necessities.

What is chemistry?

A fire which burn eternally on earth, while ‎two souls on earth are in companionship and share similar dreams.

Let us hold on our faithfulness till death do us part.

Your lady cooking a scrumptious dinner after a long day at work.

Taking your spouse and family to dine on designated days of the working month.


doing the dishes, while your empress, catches ‎up on the soapies.

Should you be in a rush to watch the soccer, before the game starts, both of you clean the mess the kitchen, while whispering sweet nothings.

Working hard to make life as pleasant as possible.

Taking my girl to the movies just to see her smile.

Waking up 3 minutes before she gets up, just to catch a glimpse of the sunshine in my world echoing the light in my world before my ngilosi rises.

You are Beautiful.

The essence of all that is just, pure and right in my world.

Although with life everyday we grow.

May we emulate the courage and abundance of all that is divine and love.

Thank you God for your time.

Thank you for letting me take care of you.

May I dwell ever loyal in your heart, protected.

Life is abundance.

Our dreams are a manifestation of our sweat, trails, and accomplishments.

Lord keep our loved ones safe.

Keep us cosy.

May we excel

May we dream new dreams.

May Life be kind.

As the stars hang in the sky, when day rests, may our commitment towards our tomorrow be the dawn of a new day.

Ever radiant

Ever full of life.

Ever full of promise when in despair.

Educating and enriching our experience of life.

Happy Happy Valentines Qhama, may all your days on earth be a celebration of LIFE.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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