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Quick Romance

Updated on June 30, 2011

He had been standing outside the boutique, looking into the shop through the transparent window for several days. Most of the days, many customers patronized that boutique for the great bargains. One day, one of the sales promoters realized that he had been looking into the shop from the corner.

The sales promoter, a very sweet and lovely young girl, walked out and asked him, " May I help you?", welcoming him into the boutique politely.

He nodded with a meek smile and entered the shop, ushered by the girl. They walked around the shop for a few minutes, as he look through the clothes briefly.

After that, the girl asked, " What types of clothes are you looking for, sir?"

He looked at her for a moment and said in a low voice, "I'm planning to buy a dress for a girl that I love very much".

After knowing his request, she quickly looked through the dresses that were hanged for display and selected a very pretty pink satin dress which was just knee-length with a cute ribbon tied around the waist. She showed it to him, waiting for his response.

Then, he looked at it and said, "But..I'm not sure whether it'll fit her perfectly or not because I'm not sure of her size".

The girl quickly said, "Maybe I can try to wear it and you can see whether it'll match her".

He agreed to her suggestion. Hence, the girl entered the fitting room and changed into the beautiful dress.

She looked absolutely stunning in the gorgeous dress and said to him, "So how?", hoping that he would make a purchase.

He paused and looked at her with a very broad smile as he felt that she really looked charming in the dress.

Then, he answered, "Hmm...I'm not sure whether she'll like it or not..."

The girl quickly reply in a convincing manner, "Well, I'm very confident that she'll love it because even I like it very much too! This dress is specially designed and you can't find it anywhere else because it is the last and only one dress."

He smiled and asked modestly, "Why don't you buy it?"

The girl answered, "Because I'm hoping for someone to buy it for me. I'll treasure it more if it is given to me by someone that I love".

After thinking for a while, he asked, "How much is the price?"

The girl was delighted and promptly replied, "It's just RM 259!"

After that, he took out RM 300, gently held the girl's wrist, and placed the money on her palm. He hurriedly walked out from the boutique while looking down, leaving the girl who is still wearing the dress.


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