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Warning, the Routine kills LOVE

Updated on May 16, 2015


It is true, routine kills love, life becomes so predictable that instead of feeding the passion and love we became roommates sharing just obligations and the kids, we focus in work and problems and forget about the beloved. Sometimes we feel that it is impossible to get out of this vicious circle, in which the future is just a series of steps to follow, you can not delete any because everything became chaotic.

This is the worst mistake you can make, you wonder why, just as children grow they will leave the nest, the obligations do not disappear but they are changing according to every stage of the family life, the work and money are very treacherous and clinging at the end if you don't take care of your partner you will be alone, we all have problems but remember 2 heads think better than one, and true love will bring happiness, companionship, passion and new goals to accomplish and of course it will make you grow in every aspect of your life.

So do not fall into the high percentage of marriages that ended in a divorce, or in relationships that split, not knowing that the routine is your worst enemy, we are all tired but you can make the difference in your life, a detail, a phrase, an invitation can relive that complicity so intimate that only the couple shares. Believe me when you start to create a romantic challenge with your partner everything starts to work with it, like creativity or time you will notice that they are going to be easier to find with the pass of the time.

If your spouse is blind and not see what is going on with you, you better talk to him or her, you must express what you feel, do not offend because they will become defensive and not understand that the point is not to attack each other but to save the relationship, give him or her confidence to take the other side, together you can save your love and again have a healthy relationship.

No one better than you know your partner, so try to fix your relationship, if you feel that you care for the other person, and that you need his or her love to be happy, don´t let routine to be in your way, you are the only one who can control, built or change your future, so don´t be afraid to love and live enjoying life.

Tips to Avoid the Routine

Do not do everything the same way, for example every day you can reinvent the way to say I love you, or showing a text message, a hidden note or a secret rendezvous.

Do not be afraid to show what you feel or express what you think it is important that your partner knows our feelings and you consider his or hers.
Many times we find that we assume that the other knows what we feel, think or want and that's the biggest mistake, because communication is the key to a stable relationship in the long term.

They say a lasting relationship is like a priceless treasure, current relationships tend to fail because it is easier to give up and try to fight that features things, if you believe in you as a couple is important to understand that both must put aside for this to work , yielding sometimes or negotiating for both sides are satisfied.

Modern life makes we are filled with activities and decide to do things the easiest way to save time and money, however you have to find the time alone with your partner if you want to keep the flame of passion.

You can transform every week in a new adventure, different dates that challenges each other and help you to reinvent your story.


Do not forget that love and passion are the elements of a healthy relationship, you need both of them to become a happy couple.
So it is time to share fantasies and dreams in the bedroom, you will notice that you will be closer to your partner and the communication will improve in the relationship. Also remember that sex improve your health, reduce the stress and helps you to keep you young.

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