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Random Writing on a Dare

Updated on September 15, 2008

What the Heck

Okay, so a person I don't know has dared me to do a free writing. First I had to decide if it would be 10 or 20 minutes. Then I couldn't find the timer. It was right by my computer! Okay, I'm not supposed to edit, but I make so many mistakes when I type that I am really editing as I go. So I have slowed down in hopes to not make so many mistakes.

From the bedroom I heard a voice shout, "Liar!" I thought it was my daughter, or I am hearing things.

I do writings from prompts in my Write Around Portland classes. I facilitate this week, so I'm going to use music for two prompts and also bring in some (as yet unknown) word prompts. By the way, I set this for 10 minutes, and I forgot to set it before I started. It was close.

No, it's the Pope, my daughter says. Why did she shout liar? Something from a video she heard, she said. Watch what you say, it will be used against you in a published Hub!

Just published a Hub last night about an angelic type encounter. In answer to someone else's Hub request. It was the first time I checked the requests. Interesting. I thought about writing about breaking off an engagement, but it would be so negative and painful. The guy was violent with me. I believed he tried to killl me once. Then twice, after I broke up with him, which killed all the love I had left for him. I grew bitter. Anyway, it took a lot to break up with him because I was sexually and emotionally addicted to him. As the Eagles say in a song, "Didn't love the boy too much--you just loved the boy too well." The "boy" was supposedly a Christian, like me, but I noticed that as time went on and the lies were discovered he lived more and more like an unbeliever. And what a sinner he was! Violent even with the dogs he took care of, getting stoned all the time, never going to church anymore. It took a good talk with his parents and then a warning article about being "unequally yoked with unbelievers" to wake me up. I have never fully recovered from the trauma. He choked me, by the way, until I couldn't move. And the second time, it was up against the wall, causing welts on my back, and then on top of me to choke me again. I tried to cast out the demon I thought was in him. I thought it didn't work. Then I ran, taking a club to defend myself.

Liar! What a liar he was!

So I've sort of answered two hubs in one. And my 10 minutes is almost up. I don't own a stopwatch. It's a timer. Still ticking. When will it end? I will get dressed and go with my kid to get a passport so she can leave me. Escaping to Canada! Why is that thing still going? It's past the zero? Wow, if it goes on to the 50, I'll make it a 20 minute write.

that's weird, she says. I treat my kid like she's my mother sometimes. Mother died last May. Mother may I? Yes you may. Brothers would be at each other's throats if they would dare to get together. It's sad.

I wrote in my blog on MySpace about my latest Hub. What IS wrong with this timer? Funny! It's almost to the 55 mark! It's 1:23 in the afternoon and we'll have to get going soon. My daughter's going on a two-week trip in November, but she wants to move far away to the same--well, almost the same--place in Canada. Of course, she doens't even have a job, much less a plan. But I know what it's like being in love. Your whole world revolves around the guy and you'd do just about anything for him. In her case, it's spending nearly every waking moment on the computer/phone talking to him with headphones on, ignoring me--ho hum! and playing Maple Story. I told myself I needed to get a life. But does she have more of one? At least I have Jesus. He is the love of my life. He won't leave me. He won't die. He already did that, once and for all, once for all people.

I will stop when it hits 50, even though it won't go off, I'm sure. Maybe I wound it past an hour? I don't think so. I wonder if it's broken.

The editing I do as I go is one word at a time, or otherwise this would be illegible. I don't make typos like that when I write by hand, which is what I do in the Write Around Portland class. Last time I was in one of these classes, we created our own zine. Now that's something I might write a Hub about, if there aren't any. I don't want to give away the subjects of the Hubs I am already writing.

Will be interested in reading the other answer to this request. But this one will tell you some things about me, in case you wanted to know. Am I supposed to put advertising on it? What would I advertise? I am curious to know what will come up if I don't put any ads on. Okay, past time.


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    • profile image

      mikeq107 9 years ago


      Terrrific.. you rose to the occsasion...i could feel the tension..your hurt..hear your daughters voice and though I`m a complete stranger ,I feel like I,m not...great hub....keep it up..remember skys the limit...Thanks for taking up the challange!!!!

      MikeQ :0)