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Real Acceptance

Updated on September 8, 2015
Let go. Accept. See a better life.
Let go. Accept. See a better life.

Relationship is defined as "the state of being connected". Everyone of us can relate to this. For at least once in our lives, we fell in love. Love which we thought will end a lifetime. Love which we believe could stand the test of time, distance, and temptations. Everything seems right when we're deeply in love. But we could not deny the fact that some things are not meant to stay with us. And we come to a point when we try so hard to rekindle the love, to win each other back, to make it all up. We tend not to give up because we still care, the love is still there. But after all the efforts you've made for reconciliation, nothing happens. We find it so unfair because when he is the one who asked for chances, we gave it without a second thought. And now that we are in the position to ask for the same thing, he can't barely give it. Yes, it feels so tragic, feels so hopeless. You've done everything but nothing is enough. It has really ended. He literally got away. He made you whole for a moment, and then made you broken for almost half of your entire life. How was that? Yes, it was very painful. And the only thing we need is acceptance, real acceptance. Time heals all wounds. Believe that you can endure it. We can cry all night until the pain is gone. Move on without bitterness. Think of it this way, he was part of your great story. This was just a single page on a book which needs to be read but not the end of the story.


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