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Real Meaning of True Love

Updated on June 26, 2016
Purple Falcon profile image

An experienced integrative healthcare professional & Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

There are no barriers to love, barriers such as cultural lineage, age, gender, race, beliefs etcetera. We have no control of who we end up falling in love with and I don't particularly advocate any one type over the other. Some say it has already been predestined whilst others believe that their lives are in their very own control and lies in their very own hands.

I am no love guru and I am far from perfect. One thing is certain though. Even though we may all look different, have different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, come from different generations etcetera, we share the same following wants or needs:

  • We want to be seen, appreciated or even admired
  • We want to matter to somebody else
  • We want a sense of security and to feel safe and protected
  • We want to be respected
  • We want to feel needed
  • We want to feel loved, appreciated and wanted
  • We want to have a friend whom we can be ourselves with
  • We want to be touched both emotionally and spiritually

I am sure the list goes on further for many of us.

True love is not based on raging hormones, this is lust. Neither is true love based on external appearances or financial status. The common denominator that fuels love is the element of care for someone other than yourself and the willingness to share the good times as well as the bad. True love knows no bounds and is not exacting or calculative. True love is unwavering and forgiving. It holds within it the ability to forgive and overlook the times when the person you love is so far from perfect.

Pure true love is similar to the love a mother has for her children, the innate instinct to protect their offspring in both the human and animal kingdoms. It can also be likened to the love that is experienced within a family unit. True love and friendship radiates during those times when you are down and out. Friends who congregate around you when you are high and mighty and wealthy and leave you when you are experiencing hardship are not true friends at all.

True friends are honest even when you don't want them to be. They advise you and may even scold you to knock some sense into you when you don't want to be advised so as to better yourself as a being.

Love can also exist when you do selfless things for others when nobody is watching, the kindness of strangers.

The love you and your pets share can also be a magical experience I am sure pet owners out there and animal lovers out there will agree. The immense profound effect that animals can have upon the human psyche is amazing enough to even help with preventing and alleviating depression and anxiety that often plagues our modern world today.

I cannot stress enough the importance of touch (whether it be long or momentary), the linking of two or more souls when you stroke your pets or hug your friend or family member for example. The totality of this feeling and its effects on us is indescribable by words alone. People can be touched not merely through physical means but through other forms of communication like speech and thought and body language. There is a saying that says ," People may forget what you wear, how you look but they will never forget how you made them feel," This phrase alone indicates how important the link is that we share with our fellow beings on this planet and in our lives.

Like I said before, love exists in so many multitude of forms, too many this hub can cover. However these facts remain: true love is unbiased, forgiving and loving even and especially during trying times when most would ignore you or forget you. Take time now to ponder on those whom you love and those around you that have blessed you with their gift of pure love and be thankful.

Live well my friends.


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    • Purple Falcon profile image

      Nat Holistic Health Professional IAHT IANLPC 4 years ago from Australia

      Thanks torrilynn for your comments and votes. Hope we can all cherish those we love and those who love us too. God bless.

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago

      thanks for breaking down the true and real

      meaning of love i agree with you and believed that we yearn

      to be touched, held, and cared for and respected all of these

      components and many more make up the meaning of love

      thanks for this article. Voted up.