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Real Signs That a Guy Likes You

Updated on July 19, 2019

Wherever the person is that makes you weak at your knees, this guide will help you understand the signs that they might be interested too. It can be intimidating to approach someone directly or ask a friend to approach them either. You don’t want to make a spectacle of yourself, so use these tips to understand where you stand in this new romance.

He will compliment your appearance, and especially your clothing, and makeup, and maybe even your perfume. This is his way of saying that first impressions count, and he has an interest in you.

  • He might try flirting with other girls that are his friends, just to make you a little jealous, and try out his flirting skills, so you can see that he is available, and an alpha male.
  • He keeps constant eye contact with you and wears a smile on his face while he does so. This shows that he enjoys looking at you, and finds your appearance appealing. His smile will be on his face whenever you show up, and for the length of time, you are with him.
  • He will happily take the time to comfort you if you are having a hard time. He will say how sorry he is to hear about your problems when you are having difficulties.
  • If you are in the workplace, college or university, he will offer to help you with tasks and be keen to be seen helping you with any challenges you might have.
  • He might stroke your hands or cheek playful, and look for an excuse to touch you. If you put your hands close to his he will probably try to touch you, so you get the message that he likes you.
  • You are the center of his attention, and so he very rarely ever turns his back on you. You become like the center of his world, and he keeps you there, with eye contact, and physical contact.
  • He will start to imitate your gestures and may try things like eating the same lunch menu or ordering the same coffee drink as you.
  • He might start calling you pet names, like baby, honey, or sweety. This is just playful banter, so don’t be offended by it, it’s his way of trying to be familiar with you, and subsequently, get close to you.

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  • He will stop whatever he is doing to take the time to chat with you or help you with the difficulty you might be facing. Or even just as an excuse to talk to you.
  • You will see him acting more generous and warm around other people, as well as you when you are with him. He may open the door for you, or place a chair, so you can get a good seat.
  • His generosity comes in many nice words, and also he will start to shower you with gifts just to make you smile and keep you happy.
  • If you ask anything from him, he will be glad to help or assist in any way he can and will make time especially to help you. You will find that he doesn’t say no to anything you ask him, as he doesn’t want to disappoint.
  • He will show an interest in things you enjoy or like, and even small things that matter to you, he will often ask questions about them and your connection to them. This is another factor that he likes you.

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  • He looks for an excuse to hang out with you and may want to introduce you to his friends. This is so he can get their approval too, so don’t worry he will be proud to introduce you, and you might be able to secretly have a chat with his friends, and pick up some more signals that he likes you.
  • This is quite a simple one, he leans in towards you when you are speaking, and tries to get close. Very similar to positive body contact, he will also touch you with what might be a little bit more than a friendly attitude.
  • If you notice he is watching you, he will look away quickly. Often blushing or looking up at the ceiling or down at the floor straight away. This is a great indicator if you are still new to the relationship, and only still testing the waters.
  • He will seem a little nervous around you, and may even trip over some over some of his words when talking to you. Don’t confuse this with him being a little bit simple, it's just the initial stage of liking someone.
  • He may act a bit goofy, and try to make you laugh with jokes, or put-downs of himself, and will try to say things that will be positive to you.
  • You will see him get jealous, and seek your attention if you are with other guys, and if you hug one of them, he will probably want a hug too.
  • He will want to be there when you are celebrating important events, such as graduating from university, or even your birthday. You might notice that he arranges a cake just for you.
  • He will look at you from head to toe, this is so he has a great impression of you and enjoys appreciating your figure.
  • He will ask lots of questions about your life and take an interest in what makes you tick. Be as honest an open as you can, and try to ask some questions too, to keep his interest in you peaking.

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