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20 Reasons Why Dates Are Like Job Interviews

Updated on June 20, 2012
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics - hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!


Getting Ready for the Big Day

You've put on your best outfit. You went through a lot of trouble to get your nails and hair looking perfect. Maybe you even bought some new jewelry or shoes for the occasion. You've been rehearsing what you are going to say. You check in the mirror one last time to make sure there is no food in between your teeth. Perhaps you even pop a breath mint in your mouth to ensure you have fresh breath. Now it is the time for the big moment! But the question is, are you going on a first date or are you going for a job interview? Chances are, there is very little difference!

If you are anything like me, maybe you've even been dating and going on a lot of job interviews during the same time period. Let me warn anyone out there reading this that really needs a job - there are a lot more available men out there than there are good jobs. Trust me on that one! Now, are there a lot more good men than available jobs? That is the question! But I am getting off track.

After a while, both dating and interviewing have started to merge in my mind. You might say I am crazy (you certainly wouldn't be the first), but the more dates and interviews I experience, the more I am positive they are pretty much the same thing. Let me list my reasons.

Reasons Why Dates Are Like Job Interviews

  1. You are probably wearing at least one item that is uncomfortable, and you have no intention of ever wearing it again should you see your potential employer or your date more often.
  2. You are typically on your best behavior. If food is offered in either situation, you are careful not to slurp or burp, if at all possible. Passing gas is the biggest no-no of all.
  3. If you really like the job or the person you are dating, you are going to present your skills in the best possible light.
  4. During the date or job interview, eye contact and reading body language is very important.
  5. Grabbing the other person and bringing up money is not appropriate during a first interview or a first date.
  6. It is best to try to stay awake during either situation when you first meet.
  7. You must at least pretend to care about what the person sitting across from you has to say.
  8. Bringing your children or your mother along in a date or interview situation will most likely kill your chances of getting a call back.
  9. It is important to show up on time. However, you don't want to show up too early because you will appear desperate.
  10. When going to an office or a home for the first time, you must assess the location and determine if you could spend a lot of time there in the future.
  11. Admitting you have 20 cats at home is going to kill the mood during a date or an interview. Smelling like you have 20 cats at home will probably end both the interview and the date pretty early.
  12. You are going to take a lot of time fussing over your outfit in either situation.
  13. Trash talking your former boss or your ex is probably going to end things quickly.
  14. You will sit across from your date or your potential employer and ask yourself if you can deal with that person on a regular basis.
  15. Saying goodbye is always completely awkward.
  16. After the date or the interview is over, you sit by the phone and hope for a call if everything went well.
  17. If things did not go well, you hope the phone never rings.
  18. After days go by, you start to call your own phone just make sure it works. You make excuses, but it looks like it is not going to happen for you.
  19. Your self-esteem might start to take a hit if you've been out on a lot of first dates, but no second dates, or if you've been to a lot of first interviews, but get no job offers.
  20. Eventually, after you've given up on a second date or a second interview, you decide you didn't like them that much anyway.


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