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Redhead Men: Why Male Redheads are Hot

Updated on July 26, 2012

I have always found redhead men to be handsome and I don't think male gingers get the credit they deserve for contributing to the good looks of the human race. We picked three famous men to discuss why they as male redheads are hot: Prince Harry, Eddie Redmayne, and Shaun White.

One of the hottest redhead men: Prince Harry
One of the hottest redhead men: Prince Harry | Source

Hot Redhead Men

Male Redhead Prince Harry (above)

As much as the English supposedly taunt gingers, they are still mixed with the Celts to a point, including the royals. Prince Harry gives redheads an apropos image with that handsome devilish grin of his. And Harry definitely has the looks in the family.

And he is quite masculine and rugged in uniform. It makes me remember the story of how the ancient Celts went fiercely into war naked and with spears.

One of the hottest redhead men: Eddie Redmayne
One of the hottest redhead men: Eddie Redmayne | Source

Male Redhead Eddie Redmayne (above)

Eddie Redmayne came onto the American scene quite peculiarly. That beauty of a movie called Birdsong launched him to fame with a large portion of the film dedicated to emotion-filled close-ups of his face. The film completely seemed like a photoshoot for Ralph Lauren fashions the way it was stylized, including Redmayne's close-ups.

Although Redmayne tends to have small variations in his hair color depending upon what movie he is doing, we like him as a well-coiffed redhead the most, and he definitely looks best with that WWI old-fashioned sepia cinematography.

By the way Redmayne = red mane?

Handsome Male Ginger Shaun White
Handsome Male Ginger Shaun White | Source

Male Ginger Shaun White (above)

Okay, anyone who has a thing for redhead men knows about Shaun White, the American snowboarding Olympian -- athletic, fit, and good looking.

Shaun White simply reminds me of a rugged caveman with that full head of long, red curly hair. He also has the classic American image about him. And is it me or does Shaun White look like a cross between a Gibb brother and 70s-era Leif Garrett?


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