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Reflections On Love's past.

Updated on October 14, 2009


reflections on loves past.


and so I reflect on
love's past and
old haunts that I
spirit Myself away to,
childhood yards, now
empty of houses,
beaches long drained
of tourists where I
once kissed the most
beautiful girl
in the universe,
and then let her
slip like sand
between my fingers,
sidewalks with
finger painted cement
hearts and initials
of loves long since
faded into what ifs,
and gravestones
that mark the places
of those I cherish most
who now lie
in the forbidden poses
of being seperated
far too long...

some of my faintest memories
stir me to passions long dormant,
and dreams long thought lost,
and the what ifs??  
which are the hooks
in the question marks
that hold me snugly over
a period I can scarcely forget....

For we all breathe
some of the same dust
and regurgitated air
that the great lovers knew,
we gaze upon the same cratered moon,
and count the same stars
as we lie wrapped in
each others arms
after the glow of love
becomes a pilot light
for our hearts,
and we are but
another era of
true loves that
future lovers will
romanticize somewhere
down lovers lanes
not yet traveled.


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