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Relationship 101: Techniques to Attract a Girl

Updated on August 3, 2009

Do you know how the most successful TV soaps capture their audiences’ attention and keep them coming back? It's like talking to women; TV soaps used immensely powerful techniques that attract that keep their audiences or viewers get hooked.

Some guys know how to attract girls on purpose. Some don't. The key technique to attract a girl by having self-confidence! Although confidence is not something that you can see directly; therefore you need to develop enough self-confidence for a girl to notice you.


  1. Attitudes
    Always look confident. Keep a killer smile ready when you meet your friends as well as new people.

  2. Be yourself
    Don't be afraid to show your real nature especially if you are a nice guy at heart. Most girls appreciate this quality in any guy.

  3. Work on your appearance
    If you dress boring, people will think you're boring. So, check out your appearance and see if you're sending signals to the world about who you really are.

  4. Work in your fears
    Fear of making a fool of yourself, of being embarrassed. Fear of rejection. Fear of everything. If you look around you, guys that get noticed by girls aren't running around acting as if their scared to move. If you want girls to notice you, get past your fears.

  5. Talk to them
    Believe it or not; girls are a whole lot more likely to take notice of you if you actually talk to them. Try asking a simple question of the pretty girl you see. Something easy to answer.

  6. Sense of Humor
    Girls also love guys that can make them laugh. Learn some jokes. Short jokes are best, because if a girl doesn't know you she may not wait for the punch line. Or start noticing things you think are funny so that you can relate them to others when talking.

  7. Get active on something
    Girls aren't going to notice you if you're in the basement playing video games. Get out of the house and do stuff. Find things that interest you and start doing them. This will make you happy. And girls are attracted to happy guys.

  8. Eye Contact
    Make a brief eye contact. When your eyes meet hers, hold that contact steadily for a second or two, maybe throw in a grin or a smile if it feels right. As simple as eye contact can show a girl that you're both confident and interested.


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