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Relationship Killers- The Do's and Don'ts

Updated on December 9, 2012

Lets Talk About it!

Please Do...


Simple. Effective. All you have to do is try to get a few words across with your partner in a calm matter. Why do we need communication? Oh well mostly because there are so many factors already going against you,that the best thing to do is talk about it.

Talking solves ALOT of problems. They can also cause them so be careful what you say. Wording is key.

Clingy Much?

Please Don't...

Lets talk about those clingy relationships.

I'm talking about the girl or guy that is constantly on the phone with their significant other. Or even the ones actually clinging to an arm. That's not attractive. Sorry to tell you that. Sure in the beginning it may be all rainbows and butterflies but be realistic. You WILL eventually get tired of that person if they are constantly around you driving you crazy. It's wonderful to be in a relationship I'm sure, but it's also great to have some alone time to recuperate.

I hurt you because I love you??!!

Please DO!

PLEASE DO REMOVE yourself from an abusive relationship.

I can't be anymore frank about this. There is always someone out there that is so much better for you. You just have to be willing to trust in yourself and let go of what's wrong in your life.

Abuse isn't just physical. It's emotional. WORDS have more effect on the mind than one thinks. It's the reason so many people stay in these situations. They are constantly told they are not good enough and no one but the abuser will ever love them. That is a truly horrible thing to have to live with. Physical pain and scars go away, emotional scars take longer to deal with and those are the most painful.

Please Don't...

Don't let outside influences determine the state of your relationship. There is always going to be someone out there that is going to hate you for being happy. Bottom line, get rid of those people. They will never be happy for you and they will revel in your sadness. Words do and can hurt a relationship mainly because they cause doubt. That ruins trust. BAM...there goes your relationship out the window.

Oh so we're supposed to be friends...right? NOT

Please Do!

I could probably write a longer hub because there are so many things that people seem to be doing wrong. But hey! Do what feels right to you. Nobody can tell you how to handle your relationship. These are just some suggestions to help make things smoother. Until the next hub!


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