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Relationship Saving Tips That Work

Updated on March 13, 2012

There are many reasons why relationships tend to go the way of the wind. The truth is that some relationships that should be saved are not, and ones that shouldn’t be saved seem to continue. Only you can decide if your relationship is truly worth saving. So, by making an honest attempt in saving your relationship no matter what the outcome you know you did your best.


People tend to harp on communication when it comes to a relationship. It is just brilliant practice to do so because without it then it will probably fail. If, you are able to sit down with your partner and truly find out what is causing the strife in your relationship you will find reasons and solutions. Being able to talk honestly with your lover can help you contend with a lot of different issues that seem to arise.

If, you are reading this and you are trying to save your relationship then there is obviously something wrong. The first step, is to get yourself and your love to a understanding of what the problem is, so talk about it, so you can come up with a solution together.


Going out of your way, to let your partner know how you feel for them can go a long way in a relationship. Taking those extra little steps to ensure that your partner is happy and satisfied is an excellent way to help a relationship along. Your partner will have a smile on their face and should try to reciprocate in return. If, it turns out that you are doing more effort than your partner it may be a one sided relationship and you may need to discuss this. If, you do not readily talk about it can turn into something a lot bigger and cause you to feel resented and want to leave.


Respect is a large portion of the relationship. If, you are unable to respect your partner then it may be time to seek alternative arrangements. Respect is just as large as communication when it comes to a common relationship.

It is unfortunate that there are relationships out there where couples are just not made for each other. No, matter how hard we work are relationships sometimes people are just not compatible enough to stay together. The lifestyles or different goals in life make these types of relationships hard. It’s not that you are both immoral people at all its just not a suitable match. Many people find this concept unreal and will continue to work at a bad relationship. Try to be honest with yourself and your prospects for a future relationship with this person. If, it does not look right, it is better to tell them sooner rather than later.


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  • ImKarn23 profile image

    Karen Silverman 6 years ago

    Trust is also a hard one in this day of advanced technology! FB alone is responsible for the breakup of too many relationships to name, which makes the insecure worry every time their spouse sits down in front of a computer. It's sooo easy to connect with people from all over the world that if you're having a bad day - you can also find someone that will stroke your ego...if nothing else. My motto is that if someone's gonna do something stupid - they're stupid, and...we're better off without them. Love the communication and trust points, Kadmiels! Maybe stop by to visit one day, Kadmiels...I'll be happy to see you!