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6 Tips to a Successful Relationship

Updated on January 14, 2018

Relationship Guidelines

Here are some tips on how to make a successful relationship work. Mind you, all relationships are different but these guidelines should help you out. Variety just adds to the fun of being in a relationship.

Tip #1 : Keep things fun!

Who wants to be around someone that they can't enjoy a laugh with? Nobody! Therefore I suggest to ensure that time is taken out of both your hectic schedules to just enjoy eachother's company. Make time to hang out together, and if you are wondering...this does not mean sex. This is a separate type of "fun" I am suggesting (i.e. Movies, Dinner, Hiking, etc.)

Tip #2 : Communication!

For however long you have been committed to this person, they cannot read your mind. Make sure that when trouble is brewing and things are heading south, to voice your concerns. This conversation should be done in the most simplest and calmest of ways. For example this conversation can take place at home, between just the two of you, on the couch in a relaxed environment. More than likely your partner has realized similar shortcomings and the conversation runs more smoothly than while having an opinionated audience say at a bar or a restaurant, or even in front of family members where things can escalate more quickly.

Tip #3 : Be Honest!

Honesty is one of the building blocks to a successful relationship. This honesty word is placed in so many articles and posts these days! Why? Because it is truly important. Think of honesty as the base of your mansion, you wouldn't want it to founder. Your relationship should be no different, keep the structure sturdy. If this tip cannot be done...rethink the relationship! There is no reason to waist time for the both of you if you are not comfortable speaking to your partner honestly.

Avoid unnecessary arguments when possible.

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Tip #4 : Pick your battles!

Prioritize what is worth starting a fight over. Is it extremely necessary to cause an argument over clothes being left in the bathroom or dishes being left in the sink? Not really. These things may be highly irritating, but shouldn't be on the high priority list of things to discuss with your partner. You know what upsets them, just as they know what upsets you. If they have had a long day at work and seem stressed as it is, let them be. Pick your battles wisely!

Tip #5 : Pick them up when they're down!

No need to add to their stress by bringing up stressful topics (you know what pushes their buttons). Give them a day or two to figure things out and let them get back on the horse. Be supportive and understanding, you will need them to offer you the same kindness one day. Everyone needs a pick me up from time to time, and having a support system at home is such a great feeling.

Tip #6 : Embrace change!!!!!

As you and your relationship grows...things CHANGE (new job, new home location, etc.)! So embrace this change and go with the flow. Think of it as a new adventure waiting to be explored.

*I hope that these tips were insightful! Everyone's relationship is different and only the two of you can make it work or not. Find what works for you. Much love and good luck!

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Thanks for reading!

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    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 

      5 years ago from Canada

      Hi Crystal, great start, but I agree with LongTimeMother, hubs need to be at least 500 words long, if not more, to get any real kind of attention on here or get picked up in the search engines. At least 3 pictures are good general rule as well. You have a great writing style, keep going with this hub it is the start of something great.

    • LongTimeMother profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      Please write more in this hub Crystals-view. It is too short to be featured yet, but I can see you have a lot of interesting thoughts to share.

      Voting it up to encourage you to edit it and turn it into a really impressive hub. Welcome to HP. :)


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