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Relationship Topics to Write About

Updated on October 5, 2012

Don't let freelance writers block get the better of you! If you're trying to earn a decent income online, you must always have a back up of evergreen topics that are always being searched for. Relationships is and will continue to be an evergreen topic niche, and one you should capitalize on, especially if you're a new writer.

Thankfully, I (BizGenGirl), am going to make it easy for you, with this sweet list of Relationship Topics you can write about, or at least gleam some inspiration from.

Relationship Topics to Write About

  1. How to Fall in Love
  2. How to Know If You're in Love
  3. Signs and Symptoms of Love
  4. How to Ask Him/Her on a Date
  5. Mechanics of a Healthy Relationship
  6. Conflict Resolution in Relationships
  7. Coping With Breakups
  8. Signs That It's Time to End Your Relationship
  9. Signs That He Wants to Marry You
  10. Signs That She Wants to Marry You
  11. Questions to Ask Before Think About Before Marriage
  12. How to Find Free Premarital Counseling
  13. About Handfasting
  14. Alternative Matrimony Ideas
  15. How to Propose to Her
  16. How to Propose to Him
  17. Finding a Hemp Wedding Gown
  18. How to Pick a Wedding Gown
  19. Discount Wedding Gowns
  20. How to Plan a Rehearsal Dinner
  21. Wedding Reception Ideas
  22. Choosing a Reception Hall
  23. Cautions for Online Dating
  24. Astrological Compatibility
  25. Relationship Tarot Spreads
  26. Infidelity Tarot Spreads
  27. The Two of Cups and Love
  28. Top 10 Signs That Their Cheating
  29. How to Be Romantic
  30. Romantic Gifts for Him
  31. Romantic Gifts for Him
  32. How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship
  33. Anniversary Themes
  34. Great Places to Celebrate Your Anniversary in (your city here)
  35. Romantic Movies
  36. Movies About Marriage
  37. A List of Books About Happy Relationships
  38. Why Does He Get So Distant?
  39. Why Does She Get So Mad?
  40. She Isn't Interested in Sex
  41. He Isn't Interested in Sex
  42. How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom
  43. Karma Sutra Positions
  44. How to Find a Marriage Counselor
  45. How to Find a Sex Therapist
  46. The Benefits of Sex Therapy
  47. Organic Libido Boosters
  48. Relationship Mind Games
  49. Understanding Emotional Needs in a Relationship
  50. Matching Tattoos
  51. How to Pick an Engagement Ring
  52. Shopping for Wedding Rings on Ebay
  53. The Symbolism of Different Metals
  54. How to Host a Passion Party
  55. Romantic Novels: 50 Shades of Grey
  56. What is Intimacy?
  57. How to Cultivate Intimacy in Your Relationship
  58. Questions to Ask Before You Date Him/Her
  59. Places to Take My Date in (your city here)
  60. Understanding Emotionally Distant Men/Women
  61. Eating Healthy as a Couple
  62. Couples Adventures in (your state here)
  63. Co-Dependency in Relationships
  64. How to Save Your Relationship
  65. How to Be Polyamorous
  66. What is an Open Relationship?
  67. What Does It Mean To Be Non-Exclusive in a Relationship
  68. What is Monogamy?
  69. Exercising as a Couple
  70. Wife/Husband Swapping
  71. What is Circular Dating?
  72. How Video Games Can Ruin Your Relationships
  73. About Professional Relationships
  74. Growing Old With Someone
  75. Common Relationship Challenges
  76. Relationship Coaching Videos
  77. How to Find a Relationship Coach
  78. Where to Find a Dating Coach in (your city here)
  79. How to Get Over My Ex
  80. Coping With Divorce
  81. Dating for Single Parents
  82. Romantic Recipes
  83. Easy Love Spells
  84. Advice for Men: How to Buy Tampons
  85. Advice for Women: How to Buy Men's Underwear
  86. About Living Together
  87. Sex On The First Date
  88. How Long to Wait Before Calling Him/Her Back
  89. Signs of Emotional Cheating
  90. Marriage & Dating
  91. What is a Trial Separation?
  92. The Best Cities for Couples
  93. Romantic Vacation Getaways
  94. Couples Adventures in (your city here)
  95. Talking to Your Teens About Dating
  96. How to Flirt
  97. What is Flirting?
  98. A List of Aphrodisiacs
  99. Romantic Aromatherapy Scents
  100. How to Write a Romantic Novel
  101. How to Write Erotic Stories
  102. List of Historic Love Stories
  103. How to Win My Ex Back
  104. Baby Mama/Daddy Drama
  105. Falling For Your Best Friend
  106. How to Communicate Clearly With Men
  107. How to Communicate With Women
  108. Top 10 Best Online Dating Websites
  109. Relationship Milestones
  110. How to Seduce a Man
  111. How to Seduce a Woman

No Excuses!

Now that you have this list of 111 relationships topics to write about, you have no excuses! Get to writing!


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