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Relationship advice - what women want

Updated on January 10, 2012

20 Relationship advice - for men

Marriage or being in a relationship calls for a great deal of work. The fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus has been established quiet clearly for all of us. Sometimes it is so difficult for men to think from a woman’s point of view and understand her needs. I often come across questions by men on the internet and in the real world – what is that she wants from me? Sometimes my male friends tell me it is so difficult to understand women. I decided to write what I know - to bridge the gap between Mars and Venus. Here are a few pointers to make sure that you are in sync and vibe on the same wavelength. I hope by the end of this article you are wiser than before, when it comes to handling your relationship with care.

Understanding women - Make your relationship last

Relationship advice No. 1- Pay attention to your woman

  • Do remember that when you are with a lovely lady, she needs your attention. Attention in a woman’s world could be very different from what it is in man’s point of view. Attention equals commitment in her dictionary.
  • A woman wants you to notice the physical things about her, her clothes, her make up etc. It is highly probable that she sat in front of the mirror and spent some time trying to look good for you. She may have spent a reasonable amount of money, trying to get herself a new hairdo or some beauty treatment, so open your eyes to it. Compliment her on her looks, be sincere about it.
  • A woman hates it when she has to compete with technology. Your mobile or laptop or what ever gadget you are hooked on to. It tells her that she is not as interesting or as attractive as that gadget to you.
  • When you are with her, have eyes only for her. Most women are jealous, unless they are absolutely confident about your intentions. This comes only with years of being together. You need to walk the talk, just telling her you care and you love her won’t do, show her that she is the only one who matters.
  • Woo her gently and she will yield. Force works against you. Woo her with patience and you will be greatly rewarded. Gentleness in manner and speech can enslave her heart forever.
  • Intimacy is a slow process in a woman's world. So make sure that you romance her to that point of perfect intimacy with your charm.

Relationship advice No. 2 - Communicate to save your relationship

  • Communicate. Talk to her, she expects you to talk to her. I mean communicate you emotions, not just mumble something to her. Listen to her. Do not listen with your mind on something while vaguely acknowledging what she says. Your woman knows that your mind is not with her; she has her antennas up and can easily tell if you are with her or not. She is hurt, when she knows that you are not into listening to her.
  • Take time to tell her what you did the whole day, share interesting stories and anecdotes with her and she will know that you care. Be sure to ask her how her day was; and listen, yes, listen patiently. She might get carried away; but gently bring her back to the topic.
  • Be ready to answer a lot of questions because women ask and expect detailed responses to their questions. Just muttering under your breath and replying in monosyllables can’t get you very far with your woman.

Relationship advice No. 3 – Communicate your emotions

  • Communication is a two way lane and it isn’t just about speaking and listening. A person who is able to pick out the emotions when he/she is listening is a good communicator. Women are more emotional communicators. Women find some men cold and emotionally bankrupt. Such men do not appeal to women. Have you taken the time to notice that a man who is the heart and the soul of a party is the man who can laugh and cry and emote? Being sensitive and human is what is a women is looking for in you. She does not want you to be superman; she wants you to be just her man. So make sure that you leave your dead pan face at the office and come home to her a truly sensitive human being.
  • Warmth and emotion shown appropriately will make her positively glowing towards you. A cold and abrupt manner will kill what you have. Modulation of voice and gentleness in speech is what captivates women, and you would have saved your marriage or relationship.
  • With women you need to be emotionally flexible. They can change from laughter to tears in a moment and back again in half the time. So a man has to be an emotional jogger to be able to catch up with women who are emotional creatures by nature.
  • Romance and beauty is the most important ingredient in a woman’s world. Learn to appreciate the finer things of life. If not, at least be a little indulgent. It takes a lot of give and take to get a marriage or relationship going.

Relationship advice No. 4 – Treat your woman with respect in a relationship

  • Consult her, she is your partner and likes to be treated likewise. Even if she does not know much about the subject, she will have a woman’s point of view to bring to any discussion making it balanced and complete in a way. Studies show that men think logically while women think creatively, so she could come up with the answers that you need.
  • Treat her with respect and show her that her views are important to you, and you have a partner for life.
  • Don’t tell her what you did after you have done it, she will feel greatly pleased if you would tell her of your activities. She expects openness in the relationship; men have a tendency to keep things to themselves. This would make her feel that you do not trust her enough.
  • Collaborate with her in all your undertakings as a team, and she will be your greatest supporter when you need it.

Relationship advice No. 5 – Be the man around her, don't take her for granted

  • Protect her, and be the man around her. With your gentleness make her feel that she is the queen. Take care to do it without making her feel that she is incapable of doing things for herself.
  • If she comes to you with a problem, she would be happy even if you do not help her, but just tell her that you love her and you are with her. She will find the strength and will power to handle the problem, just because she knows you care. I am serious, try it!
  • Women are more accommodative by nature. Compromise and negotiation comes to them easily, but it can backfire if the woman is the one who always has to make the compromise. Learn when to give in. Though women try hard to maintain balance and harmony, they tend to bury a lot of hurt and emotions in the process, so don’t take things for granted.
  • Give her gifts. Oh! I can see you say, “there she goes”… well, listen. I am not talking about big gifts, but small things, not expensive. Small gifts well chosen tell her that you have been thinking about her and you care enough to bring her something that she likes and just to make her happy.

20 relationship advise to make your relationship work

Take care to give more of yourself and you will receive more. Being considerate and warm and you will have a long lasting relationship. Be committed to make the marriage or relationship work, without commitment you will have nothing. Never fail to show how much you care and you are sure to have a happy relationship. Conflicts in marriages are normal, don't give up, learn some conflict resolution skills and put your relationship back on track.


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