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Relationships Can Be Hard But Worth It

Updated on February 11, 2016

You Don't Know Everything

You may think you know everything, but let's be real, you don't. Always be open minded and ready to learn something new. It's not worth an argument or fight. Listen to each other's ideas and opinions. No matter how big or small an idea or thought is always listen to the opinion. You never know, you just might be wrong about something and have learned something new. We are never to old to learn.

This also lets your loved one know that they are loved and respected enough to have an idea, opinion, or thought. As long as it goes both ways your on the right track!

Always Say Sorry

As women, we feel we always deserve to hear "I'm sorry" from our man. Not always the case ladies. Even though you may not have started or provoked an argument, I guarantee words came out of that mouth that you really didn't mean. My point is, even though you hear "I'm sorry", be sure to say it back. He deserves to hear it too.

Never Go To Bed Angry

Our relationship as no means been perfect, but we have learned to never go to bed mad, angry, or upset. This accomplishes nothing. You are only going to wake up still mad and upset and the argument will continue into the next day. Say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done, but never ever go to bed mad.


This is the key to our happiness. Learn to talk to each other. Don't be ashamed of your feelings, needs, and wants. The more you talk, the more you learn about each other. This is how your relationship will grow.

This sounds easy but it isn't. This takes time to get comfortable doing. Learning to listen can be even harder. This is the only way for you to learn about each other. Your relationship will be built from communication and trust. Try it and you will see!

Laugh Often

Share that silly joke you heard at the office. Make that crazy face at him in the mirror when he is brushing his teeth. My favorite is the tickle fights. Anyway, to get a laugh several times a day just gives your heart a feeling of happiness that is indescribable. When you laugh together your hearts are connected with pure joy of being together.

I Love You

I love you is the sweetest words than can ever be said. I always tell my husband every chance I get that I love him. Every morning before he leaves for work I get a hug, kiss, and I Love You. It's the best way to start and end your day. Say it often because you never know if tomorrow will come.

Relationships Are Work

Both parties need to respect each other and know when to compromise. Relationships are like roller coasters. You are going to have good days, bad days, and everything in between days. Count on each other, rely on one another, and support each other. No matter what you go through, remember working together will get you through any trials and tribulations.

Good Luck

My husband and I just celebrated an 11 year relationship and will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this coming October. If it wasn't for communication, "I Love You's", Laughing, and so many more we wouldn't be in this relationship today. I wish all of you happiness. I want to leave you with one last advice. When going through hard times, hold each other and stand by these words "This too shall pass". I promise a better moment will shine through. Good luck friends!


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