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Relationships & Friendships: The Hard Truth

Updated on March 14, 2017

About this article:

I would like to begin by saying that this is solely my insight on relationships, you don't HAVE TO agree with me or that you need to go out and do it the way I stated in this article. This article is based on what I have noticed.

"I Married My Best Friend":

The number one reason why certain relationships don't work. No obligations means no automatic effort at all. They won't be asking you for sex all the time so eventually that important part of your relationship fades. It's unhealthy to eliminate sex in our relationships because that's what we were all created for. Eventually your lover becomes your best friend. You've got to have that automatic physical attraction to someone. They will be able to connect on a deeper, passionate level much different from any best friend if it's meant to work. Once you divorce your "best friend", the once solid friendship is over as well.

"I Got Back Together With My High School Sweetheart Twenty Years After We Broke Up" aka Break Ups:

Time to graduate from that frame of mind. If it didn't work out the first time, then it won't work out the second or third etc. You break up for a reason. It helps you to grow and move on as a person. By trying to work it out, you keep falling backwards mentally and emotionally. It can also cause severe health problems.

Questions With Brutally Honest Answers:

I notice questions on Quora all the time in the context of "Does this girl like me?" "My boyfriend is jealous of my friends what should I do?" If you are questioning anything then you already know the answer of whether or not the relationship is going to work out or not. "I want to ask this girl out, but I'm nervous, how do I approach her?" Fear is a horrible way to start a conversation. Consider it your conscience trying to warn you ahead of time. The lover you are meant to have, will go up to you without question, hesitation or doubt in their mind at all.

"Love At First Sight" The Romantic Movie Aspect Of Love:

Believe it or not, this is realistic. You meet someone and you just know. Some people see this whole idea as entirely fabricated, but that's only if you have never been there before. You're not going to believe it at all if it has never happened to you. You would know it right away if it did. Your life changes forever. You feel better about yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. There are no butterflies, but everything comes into focus. You're more motivated and inspired in an unlimited amount of ways. The downside: Being without this other person can be very painful and can cause emptiness.

Love Triangles

Let's take a reality show like "The Bachelor" for instance. If you were meant to be with the person, you wouldn't have trouble choosing a wife. Then there's the films where the girl has to choose between two guys. It's not meant to be with either of them if you can't choose between them. That just means it's neither and you need to find the One.

Dating Married People:

Coming in the middle of another relationship is never wise for more than one reason. Most importantly if you successfully start an affair, it won't last, he may or may not leave his wife etc. If a guy is willing to cheat on his wife or vice versa then neither relationships were meant to be. The mistress probably did the wife a favor so she could leave and find someone else.

Open Marriages:

The people that usually agree to this aren't ready to commit to just one person and prefer to make a mockery out of the sanctity of marriage right from the start. This opens the door for STDs and children that are your spouse's, but not yours. It's very unhealthy for both people.

Relationship Statistics:

We've all seen them. We surveyed 50 married couples this or about 74.5% of men enjoy this about a woman. Statistics are mostly crap and based on the few that were picked to answer when the rest of the world feels entirely different about the subject discussed. They never mention those people...

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