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Love Truly Is

Updated on December 22, 2015

Singing Can Break Glass

Singing can break glass who knows what goes on behind closed doors
Singing can break glass who knows what goes on behind closed doors

Love Truly Is

People try to define what love is; many confuse infatuation/lust for love, but these feelings to do not last long and is the reason there are so many break-ups in relationships/marriages. Oh! What a tangled web we weave trying to hang on to what to we have grown accustomed to within our relationships to what we think is love and being secure within the relationship. When people feel Infatuation/lust for their partner/companion they often keep a firm grip on them only out of greed, jealousy and the fear of being left alone. Most times these feelings will become obsessive fulfilling their material needs and keeping their status with their companion/partner making their lives a living hell.

Love is deep and compassionate, an unconditional love with respect for our partners/relationships; cherishing every moment we spend our time together. Love is trusting the person you are with being in a deep connection physically and emotionally two people becoming as one. Inspiration of these emotional feelings deeply felt for another human being has led me to compose this poem to attempt and represent what Love truly is

A Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple
The Perfect Couple

Love Truly Is (The Poem)

Love truly is sharing

No matter how daring.

Love truly is having someone to cherish

Just be Who You Are

So you can flourish

Love truly is battling it through together,

No matter what the pain,

No matter what the cost.

Love truly is a heart you wear round a chain

Love truly is that can never be lost.

Love truly is A secret Love

Pure, heavenly as a dove

Love truly is when you Run to me

The only love that can be.

I still Love you (by the Bee Gees)


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