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Relationships: The Difference between Men and Women

Updated on July 14, 2017

There are Many Differences Between Men and Women

The differences between men and women are not only physical, they are emotional as well.

1.) Relationships: Women communicate more effectively than men. They like to solve problems by talking about them. Men, however, may not say more than a few words. They just don't talk as much as women. They are more task oriented. They are not emotional creatures, at least not as much as women. A woman may cry while a man sits there wondering why.

2.) Emotions: And this leads us to our emotions. Men are not as in touch with their feelings as women. This is good because it makes women more nurturing. Raising children requires them to be nurturing.

3.) Pain: Studies show that men and women perceive pain differently. Women have more pain receptors than men, which is why, in one particular study, women needed more pain medication than men for pain to subside. Women cry out when in pain while men may be silent.

4.) Thinking: Men think about one thing at a time while women are more likely to have a lot on their minds all at one time. Women are multi-taskers, men, not so much.

5.) Memory: We all know that women remember events associated with strong emotions such as a family reunion, a wedding or birth of a baby. Men have a more competitive side. This is why they remember sporting events such as a fishing or hunting trip or a major league ball game.

6.) Brain size: Believe it or not men have larger brains than women, as much as 12% larger. This is not because they are smarter. It's because of their physical size. They have more muscle mass.

7.) Sex drive: Experts at Web MD say that men have higher libido than women. Men fantasize more, they spend more time thinking about sex. An emotional connection is much more important to women, their sex drive is more sensitive to what is going on around them. An example- raising children. Women who are busy tending to their babies tend to have their ears open at all times of the day and night.

8.) Physical Differences: Women have lower blood pressure than men. They have fewer red blood cells than men but a higher number of white blood cells. Their heart rate is high, they have more pain receptors, and a better sense of smell. Their hormonal levels are higher too.

Matt, Jess, Maryse, Nick- my stepsons and their wives
Matt, Jess, Maryse, Nick- my stepsons and their wives | Source
My son and his wife- Matt and Gina who are both in the military
My son and his wife- Matt and Gina who are both in the military | Source

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