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Releasing me

Updated on March 17, 2012
Can you let me go
Can you release me to fly free
like the birds in the sky 
without direction 
without thought
without ownership
Can you release me 
to live my life like I always 
should have
can you release me to
walk for the first time like
an innocent child
Can you release me to learn
from my own pain and happiness
can you release me to live life
can you open the gates of your hold
Can you ?
Let me that I never come back
I was never yours
you held me back for so long
you told me lies 
I only believed your lies and made them
my truth
I was trapped in your invisible cell
until i realized i was in your jail 
and began to see the walls crumbling down
Can you release me 
let me fly free
let me flap my wings
let me soar away 
without you


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