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I am Remembering Me

Updated on April 16, 2014

I Am Remembering Me

At last, a clear way to remember and embrace the power given to you by your Creator.

Do you remember the innocence and the joy of another day?

Remember the carefree feeling of life and the excitement of tomorrow's promise?

This is something I recall as life delivers such heavy blows.

Where did the wonderful feeling go?

Where did it go all at once?

The sense of invulnerability.

The feeling that nothing else matters except right here and right now.

I can't recall the minute, the hour, nor the day it was lost, but, before I knew it, it was gone.

Replaced by things.

Things like worry, anxiety, pain, bills and all the cares this world has to offer.

Talk about HELL....

Unfortunately, somehow, some way, I was attached to them with no escape.

But every so often I venture off to leave my troubles behind and I find a place of refuge.

There, I catch a glimpse of the carefree life I once knew.

This is my salvation, but it is only temporary.

How To Remember Who You Are

We all yearn for the place where innocence, joy and promise reside.

Love is our Home, accompanied by Peace, Joy, Happiness and Faith.

This is the home I had known before, yet, at some point strayed away.

Journeying through life, searching, yearning for this place again.

But who can take my hand and guide me back?

Who can provide direction to my return?

Must I search alone?

I had not fallen in Love with Hell, as many often do.

Escape was my desire.

But hell can not be abandoned without altercation.

To escape is not easy because there are many obstacles to overcome now.

The obstacles are things that have kept you bound as well as the temptation to remain.

You see....Hell has many pleasures.

Home is not out of reach now.

But first, the wilderness.

The wilderness is a place of provision and recovery, but this is not your final destination.

Temptation and doubt are both in the wilderness.

Temptation to turn back to Hell, because of the memory of pleasures past.

Doubtful of reaching the place you yearn because temptation is strong.

What is temptation and doubt, except figments of your imaginations, destroyed by your faith and belief in accomplishing your desired end.

How can True Self be found, except to surrender to the ONE who knows the way back to the place of innocence, love, joy and peace.

Back to all that you are and all you were created to be.

Back to the place where remembering is not needed and the Joy of Life is NOW.

Discover your path to FREEDOM.


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