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Kevin: The Queen

Updated on May 30, 2015
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Hi there! Why you should not try to checking out some of my writings. For sure, you will like it.

(Miss International Queen 2012)
(Miss International Queen 2012)

At the age of seven, Victoria knows that she was really different from other boys. She knew that there is something different about her. Quite hard for her to pretend and act in such a way that she really like it. Despite of everything, she still continue pretending to be a straight young boy and just to escape from bullying out in the school.

Among the siblings of their family, two of them are unidentified gender preferences. Luck for Victoria and Martha, their parents was very supportive and they have accepted whatever they are. But among all of being what they are, their parents was just asking the best and better for their future.

At the age of seventeen, Victoria tried to join a mini-pageant somewhere outside of her hometown. Victoria was just convinced by her friends due that she has the looks and integrity to catch and win the contest. It was just a practice to her thought that was her first time to join such beauty pageants.

After she finished her high school, Victoria decided to moved out from her parents and live all by herself. At first, Victoria was struggling hard because she needs to live by her own with out the help of her mother. In fact, her mother doesn't agrees on what Victoria's decision but she believe that she can be able to survive and stand alone by her own feet. She worked so hard and at the same time she keeps joining and joining some beauty pageants.

Miss International Queen
Miss International Queen | Source

Beauty Pageant

Several time she had join different beauty contest and in fact, she really did her best. However, when the time had come into the end that there is a big event to be happened she pondered that she might not be able to win the contest. Though there are lots of veteran's than her. Lots of beauties where will showed as they gathered the contest.

Through the supportive fans and friends of Victoria she auditioned. She tried and tried until she reaches the top and final 15 for the competition. She out stand among the candidates and catches the eye of the judges.

At the moment she scored and reached the top 5, Victoria was fully packed shaking nerves. Most of the her fellow candidates are matured enough and has the wit and beauty. So she definitely ran outside to quit the competition. "I could not make it anymore, I was so so behind among all my competitors. I don't have the chance to win the crown" worryingly saying. "Victoria, we believe in you and we know that, no matter what happen tonight you're still the best and winner for us. Go girl!! I know you can do it..."

The Judges questioned. "What is the essence of being a gay in the society and how will it help?". Victoria did not answer immediately, she paused for about three second and quietly shaking her nerves. "Ummm...thank you judges for that wonderful question. We know that gay's and transgender nowadays are not accepted in our society. But, the essence of the third gender in our society is we are the one who gives joy, creating happiness and left the bored some and most of all the bridge of each mankind to have respect and love to each other." Her fans and friends were shouting towards her perfect answer.But she still thinks that she will never win.

"Garnering the average score of ninety-two point fifty-five percent, our Miss International Queen is not other than.....Victoria!!!!".She wowed the judges and wowed the audiences. Victoria was shocked when they announced the winner. It seems that she did not hear her name once it was called the winner.

Tears of joy and happiness of what has Victoria brings.

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