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Romantic Evening Ideas for Two

Updated on June 7, 2017

Whether you are dating or have been married for years, quality time spent together is crucial in keeping your relationship healthy. Everyday work, big assignments and household chores can easily push romance aside. You really don't want that to happen to you!

Don't worry, all you need are some romantic ideas for a fabulous night and it does not require too much of work, just a little bit of imagination and the most important: getting yourself into the right mood is the key.

The idea of creating a romantic evening for your partner is already itself a beautiful thing to do and if you do it right it can be even more remarkable. So, where to start?

First of all there are three necessary variables to be evaluated: time, place and money. All three are very much coherent and inseparable. After this problem is solved you can start planning your romantic evening for two. Here are some ideas for you:

Romantic evening at the beach

If you live by the sea or you are on holiday at the seaside, watching sunset on a warm summer evening is very romantic.

If you are looking for more intimacy, pick a quiet beach. Get a blanket, some champagne, romantic music, relax and feel the breeze. Do not forget to offer your partner a jacket, if the evening is a little chilly.

Most people also enjoy swimming at night and to do it with your partner is great. If you feel more roguish, get naked and enjoy the swim.

Sunset by the sea. Ocean panorama
Sunset by the sea. Ocean panorama | Source

Have a candlelit dinner

Although it might seem as a cliché but it still works very well if you put your heart into it. It does not matter if you have a dinner at home or in your favorite restaurant (or maybe the one you always dreamt of going to) it is all about the presentation.

Candles can be placed all over the room/house – they can mark the path to the table, which is set for you two only. Always arrange the music to be played and flowers will never do any worse.

Romantic candlelit dinner for two
Romantic candlelit dinner for two | Source

Enjoy the bubble bath

Use your partners’ favorite scents, candles, get a glass of wine. Put some rose petals to float on the water. Gentle and relaxing music will create more romantic atmosphere in the room. After the bath, treat your woman with tender massage using the massage oils (although you never knew why you have them in the house).

A night off at a hotel

Change the environment and leave everyday concerns at home. Get a hotel room and spend a night there with your special someone. Always compliment your women, to make her feel the one.

If you have spare time before you go to the room together, decorate it with candles and flowers. Feeding each other with chocolate covered strawberries and drinking champagne – that is the way to do it.

Hotel room decorated with rose petal. Romantic mood
Hotel room decorated with rose petal. Romantic mood | Source

Replay of the first date

Do you still remember it? You can re-live it again, spicing it up a little bit. When two people are together, they usually remember how they met. Why do not to do it again? Go for it.

Do your favorite activity together

Working out, bike riding, watching a movie or having sex. Everything is fine as long as you and your partner are both in a mood for some romance.

If you are up for spending more and doing some more extreme, you can do things such as renting a limo and driving through town or country. Escape from everyone and book a flight in a hot air balloon.

One final tip for a successful romantic evening: before you plan anything do not forget to find out what your partner likes most.

Do you remember Johnny Bravo? His macho attitude never helped him to attract women. It was hard for him to understand that a little bit of sensitivity can go a long way for a lady feel special. OBSERVATION is the key! :)

Wow your partner and express just how much you care about them by creating a special evening for two. Good luck!


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