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How To Find Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea's - Healing Stone Jewelry

Updated on March 20, 2014

Mother's Day Healing Stone Jewelry

What mother wouldn't love a piece of jewelry that heals and has a story?
What mother wouldn't love a piece of jewelry that heals and has a story?

When was the last time you made someone smile and feel special?

I will take the time to make someone feel extra special this Mother's Day.

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The Mother's Day is near and many are about to let their loved ones know how special they are. Mother's Day is when the busiest and the most thoughtful honor their mothers and the motherly women they love so much.

Rings and necklaces have always been the most popular gifts for Mother's Day. Giving your mother a piece of jewelry with a story will make this day memorable to say the least.

Here is some stone knowledge....

The moonstone stone is a beautiful stone that is becoming more and more popular and has been used for jewelry for centuries.

The moonstone was named by the Romans and also used by the Greeks; and is actually composed of orthoclase and albite and stacked or alternated. This stone was associated with Gods and Goddesses.The reflection of light between the layers produces a scattered moon lit glow or rare cat eye design. Often called silver bluish translucent feldspar.

These stones are inexpensive because there are an abundance of them.

  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • US
  • Brazil
  • Australia.

The Healing Stone

This semiprecious stone or gem will make a wonderful gift and is considered a healing stone. It is believed to bring bring positive change and protect you while in the sea or large bodies of water.

  • love
  • safety
  • romance
  • change

The moon like glow that comes from this layered stone enhances the beauty of its natural design and makes it a perfect stone for many ring and necklace jewelry designs. No worries gentleman, these stones are used in jewelry for men also.

The stone can come in many colors such as:

  • silver blue
  • purplish white
  • yellowish
  • peach
  • grey
  • brown
  • yellow
  • orange
  • green

Healing with Moonstone Stones

The Moonstone is also considered to be a healing, safety and changing stone, believed to help people transform to their best self and help bring water lovers safely home especially in regards to Pisces and Cancer signs. Pisces is a water sign and as we know the moon directly influences the sea.

That being said the moonstone is worn as a good luck charm to keep those water lovers safe. So if you want to make positive changes in your life, this ring is believed to help in your success.

  • weight loss
  • higher learning
  • personality adjustment

How Did the Moonstone Ring Become Popular Again

If you have ever seen the series "Twilight" you may have noticed the star actress Bella wore a moonstone ring during the whole series. It was her good luck ring and soon after became a good luck ring for many others. Sharon Oswald has a moonstone jewelry collection also on HSN.

Honor your special someone ...

Whether you are looking for a Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea or you know someone worthy, the moonstone ring is naturally beautiful and a natural gem and will make a thoughtful gift. Your recipient will surely love this original idea and certainly brag about how special he or she feels.

Taking the time to make someone feel very special is worth the time. If you’re mom is no longer with you honor her memory by giving gratitude to a mother; choose someone special and make them feel good by doing something nice.


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