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Romantic Tips for Valentine's Day and Every Day!

Updated on February 14, 2014

Love Actually Is All Around...

Melt Her Heart

Too often men think its difficult to be romantic, or expensive....

The trick is, its NOT ABOUT THE MONEY SPENT - its about the gesture and the idea that you have been thoughtful enough to account for her wants and needs!

1. Make her breakfast - it doesn't matter whether its in bed or not! Just the gesture will warm her heart

2. Make her a cup of tea / coffee/ hot chocolate and bring it to her in bed - what a lovely way to start a day for any girl!

3. Leave her a note on her pillow for her to find when you are at work / golf / gym - she'll get tingles that you are thinking of her

4. If you live together, draw a heart with your initials in the steam on the bathroom mirror - cheezy maybe, but it'll make her smile!

5. Make her lunch for the office one day, pack in a love letter and a chocolate or biscuit that you know she'll love and an 'I Love You" note

6. Buy her favourite magazine or book you know she'll like and leave it on her bed with a bottle of bubble bath and a note that says "You Deserve a Time Out"

7. Run her a hot bubble bath, light some candles around the bath or on the windowsill and play some romantic music for her

8. Order takeout and set the table with candles, turn down the lights and enjoy some quality time

9. Give her a gentle back rub or massage...make sure whatever you do, you do it slowly so she really feels your touch!

10. Planning on taking your special lady out to dinner? Choose a restaurant with ambience rather than the most expensive one you can think of - outdoor seating and candlelight rate highly!

11. Buy her a dress you know she'll look great in( or choose one out of her wardrobe) leave it on her bed with a note "Dinner at 7, Cant wait to see you" - she'll be in heaven before you even pick her up!

12. Leave her a small gift like a CD, note or flower in her car - either on her seat or on the dashboard

13. If you know she's having a bad / long day- make her dinner or buy her takeout!

14. take her to a new country cafe or restaurant you've never been before - somewhere with a view and LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR CAR!

15. Surprise her with a romantic weekend away or a holiday - she will LOVE it! (camping only works if your lady is an outdoors fundi!)

16. Set up your bedroom, balcony or garden with faerie lights or tea light candles, a picnic blanket and a picnic. Picnics don't have to be difficult, cheese & biscuits, finger foods or even take out will do. A bottle of wine or champagne will make it extra special and you being attentive will be her idea of heaven

17. Pay her snall & meaningful compliments randomly, they must be sincere, here are a few to get you rolling: -

You look amazing in that dress

That colour really suits you

Your smile lights up the whole room

Your hair smells amazing

I cant imagine a happy life without you in it

Your happiness means the world to me

Seeing your smile makes my day

I know we just left home / finished our day/ but I miss you already!

You are the most incredible mother to our children, thank you for all you do!

18. Send her flowers or courier her a small gift box of her favourite treats or sweets to her office, specially on a day when you know she's going to be stressed!

19. If your sun bathing or swimming, rub her down with sunblock / oil, gently with long slow caresses...

20. Meet her at a bar and send her a drink as if you were a stranger picking her up for the first time

21. Invite her to movies and meet her there with flowers in your hand

22. When you are out in public, gently touch her arm or elbow and make it clear you are with HER, this will make her feel like a princess and that you value her

23. Make sure to whisper in her ear occasionally, even if its just to say "You're Beautiful" - you will give her goosebumps and make her feel on top of the world

24. If you are on a social network, you can really boost her confidence and ego by making your occasional status update about her - it doesn't have to be soppy (if youre good at that then great!) a simple " My lady makes every day special" or "My wife is the worlds best cook" or "My fiancee is my princess" or at the end of a long week " I cant wait to be home alone with my wife this weekend!"

25. Buy her a hair treatment, spa treatment or massage on a random day and tell her its just because she deserves to feel loved

26. Remember to always touch her gently with caresses, she's is delicate and sensitive, not a football to be squeezed!

27. Buy her a small bottle of her favourite perfume and leave it on her dresser with a note that says 'You smell like Heaven"

28. Make a list of all the places you'd like to travel to with her and plan a "bucket list' of future adventures

29. Send her a text message every day for 10 days with the theme "10 reasons why I love you"

30. Give her a random "Un-Birthday" where for a whole day you spoil her with flowers, chocolates, gifts and adventures

31. Take her somewhere scenic with a picnic blanket, goodies to eat and a few books, just relax in the sunshine and enjoy each others company (take photos!)

32. Make her picture your phone / PC wallpaper for a few days

33. Have a dinner & dance in your own living room!

34. Serenade her in the bathtub

35. Take her to a romantic musical or play every few months

36. Watch a romance with her at movies and make sure you put her arm around her

37. Take her on a journey to visit some of your favourite childhood places, she'll feel deeply connected to you

38. Buy her a small piece of jewelry every now and again, a charm for a charm bracelet or a small inexpensive locket - its not the cost of the gift, its that you know she'll love it that counts

39. Buy her a tin of her favourite tea / coffee, wrap it up in a ribbon with a chocolate and a rented DVD

40. Prepare your home with a small blanket, hot chocolate, candles and some classic movies for a snuggle-thon.

Keeping It Real

There are thousands of ways to make someone you love FEEL your love. Don't think that because you once said "I Love You" or "I Do" that it has you covered forever!

If you make your partner feel loved and cherished, I can guarantee you she will reciprocate!

Just remember, its all about yoiu making it clear that she is important to you, so stick to these basic guidelines:

If she mentions a perfume/book/movie/author/colour she likes, WRITE IT DOWN - there's a good reason your cell phone has a "notes" section, use it! She'll be amazed at how you remembered these intimate details!

SAVE the DATE - Yes, you have a calendar on your cellphone, PC, Laptop...use it! Birthday's and anniversaries are important to her, even if they aren't to you, so make them count!

She will love surprises if you make them good ones, if you aren't sure, ask one of her friends, she'll love you even more for making the effort

It doesn't take much to make a girl shine, candles, flowers, music and GENUINE AFFECTION...

Laughter is Romantic too! Make her smile :)


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    • Glowfaerie profile image

      Candice Jules 3 years ago from Wokingham, United Kingdom

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :0)

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 4 years ago

      Yes this is all a great idea, loved the video. Up, interesting and useful.