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Romantic Ways to Pop the Question

Updated on July 10, 2019
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Romance has Everything to do With it

When it is time to propose to the one that you love there are so many ways to do it. Well rest assured that there really is no right or wrong way to ask for someone's hand in marriage. Proposing to the one that you love is romantic and even the most fumbled proposal will generally be fondly remembered well into future years. There are however some ways to make your proposal so much more exciting than simply holding out the ring and popping the question.

If you are considering asking for the hand of that special someone then you may be interested in knowing which are the most romantic ways to propose. A little touch of romance is always appreciated in a relationship and especially so when you are about to ask someone to marry you.

Creating the perception of romance is actually quite easy. Whenever you show a deep caring and consideration for her feelings you effectively create a romantic atmosphere. A thoughtful gesture can send warm fuzzies floating into the air surrounding the two of you. It is that easy. Add an element of surprise into the mix to create a marriage proposal that will be virtually guaranteed to bring a touch of magic to this occasion.

Is He or She Ready for You to Propose?

Before you pop that all important question it is wise to know that your partner truly is as ready for the engagement as you are. The signs and signals are generally there.

  1. Amount of time spent together. Have you been together a sufficient length of time to get to know and appreciate each other?
  2. Do you regularly exchange expressions of love? Saying I love you to one another is a fairly good indicator of the depth of feeling that you share for one another.
  3. You have discussed your future relationship plans and you both see a marriage union in the future.

Is Your Bride Waiting?

My daughter on her wedding day
My daughter on her wedding day

What is Your Relationship Status?

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Be Creative

There are many ways to add romance into this occasion. You have already won the heart of your partner so now you also have the opportunity to win their hand in marriage.

  • You can pop the ring into an ice cube.
  • Tie the ring onto the string of a bouquet of balloons.
  • Mold the ring into a candle which will be conveniently lighted during a romantic dinner together. *It's important to insure that the ring will become visible within an hour.
  • Pop the ring and a card into an envelope and tape it to her bathroom mirror.
  • Throw a party with the sole intention of the Scavenger Hunt game ending with her finding the ring.
  • Arrive at her house dressed in a tuxedo with a bottle of champagne, two crystal glasses, and the ring.
  • If you have access to her keys then pop it onto the keyring.
  • Play a game of scrabble and spell out marry me. Of course you will have to cheat a little to pull off this move.
  • Do the traditional down on one knee routine. The success of this ritual's endurance speaks for itself.

Be thoughtful and caring in your gesture as this is the ideal way to display how much she means to you. Say I love you from your heart. Your partner will get the message.

Spell Out What You Want to Say


Select a Location

Atmosphere is a very important part of any romantic situation and it all begins with a location. Where you choose to propose can add a definite air of enchantment to the scenario.

Is there a place or locale that holds special memories for the two of you? It could be the spot where the two of you first met, the place where your first date occurred, or perhaps even where you first told her that you loved her. If you can recall a spot that is important to the two of you then this would be a great place to propose.

The location you select does not even have to be one that you have ever visited before. If you know where she / he feels most comfortable or has most desired to visit then that could also be the location you choose to propose at. It could be her childhood home or on a trip her ancestral home ie: England, Greece, or Rome.

If you are pretty sure that the person you are about to ask to marry you will say yes then you can also consider a public proposal. Proposing to her at her work place, a restaurant, gym, sporting event, or family gathering can be very romantic.

When you propose in a crowd your partner quickly becomes the center of attention. This is her special moment and until she gives an answer she is the most important person in that room. Having others around to witness your devotion and commitment to her can be one of the most romantic ways to propose. You are professing your love for the world to see. If you know that she will say yes then this can be a delightful way to ask for her hand in marriage.

Are You Ready to Pop the Question?

Are You Ready to Propose?

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Ask the Question

Now that you have selected the perfect location it is time to decide how you will propose to her. There are many ways to ask the big question. The traditional standard has been to get down on one knee for the proposal and this is still a very emotionally touching scenario. The most romantic gestures usually hang around for a reason.

If you can remember the date that you met then counting backwards to that date, always adds a very romantic flare to the proposal. “It was two years, twenty-one days, and four hours ago that I met the woman that I hope to spend the rest of my life with. And that would be you hon. Will you marry me?” It is a proposal that shows exactly how important your meeting her was. That meeting date was important enough for you to remember the smallest details of it and because those small details are usually very important to her. This is a very sweet way to propose.

You can also choose to use flowers to carry your message. Flowers are a wonderful gift to receive at any time but when they come bearing a wedding proposal they are a surprise that a person is not likely to forget. If you do pop the question into the card though she may wonder where the ring to accompany the engagement is so be sure to let her know you have it waiting for her.

If you are personally delivering the flowers or arrive within minutes of the flowers being delivered then you can gift the ring at this time. Once she reads the card and fully understands exactly what you are asking, drop to one knee and propose to her a second time. Two proposals of marriage are just so much better than one. Say “I love you, will you marry me?" with flowers and then verbally say it once again on bended knee.

There really is no wrong way to propose. Most declarations of love are romantic in their own unique way so the true question is: Are you ready to propose?

© 2018 Lorelei Cohen


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