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Romantic is Romantic

Updated on June 28, 2009

Romance is a blooming love

In my humble opinion romance and love have been getting confused, and even to go further actions to full lustful desires have been mistaken as romantic actions, that is seduction. So when people say he or she is so romantic I smile and think, do they konw for certain the motivatoin of ther person doing the actions.  Please bear with me as I elaborate.

I like to write about spiritual things and "true love".  That means that I respect and value all life with out any motivation.  I recognize that all life is connected.  Does not mean that I want a personal cnnection with all beings.  However, I honestly wish all living being the best and I desire their happiness, without being concerned if they know I exist or not.  That is my love. I love my family but I do not have a romantic relationship with family members. 

Lust is different, that is hmm, I want that person and I will do what it takes to have them e mine.  I want her!! Now I have to think scheme and plan to be some one that I am not just to have her, I must make her belive a, b, and c.  I am not really interested if she wants me because she is so physically beautiful I desire her for my sense gratification.  Oh boy, rereading that that does not sound so nice.  Well lust is really not so nice, that is why many people get hut in relationships. 

Romance is a totally different subject matter according to this author.  In romantic affairs the other persons happiness is just as important as your own.  Yes, you may go out and still plan and scheme to win the person over, but in you heart of hearts you have thier best interest at heart.  Walking with the other person and sharing stories and dreams, spending quality time is considered romantice because that love is there and that personal interest of being witht eh other person is genuine.  Other wise it is nonsense. 

That "romantic dinner" is only romantic when the two people actually listen to each other and retain at least the important parts of the conversations other wishe it was a good meal and time pent together, but if it really did not leave a lasting impression then it was not romantic. Romantic activiteis are those activities that cultivate the love and devotion between to people desiring a intimate relationship.  I have to check with the lady to make sure she think I am right, because the only one I need to share this view with me is her or you guys may not hear from me again. 

So I check with the lady and she is so sweet, she makes life easy for me.  She likes the flowers, the cholcolates and how I glorify her.  I like when she writes me letters, sings cooks just to make me happy.  Pleasing the other person and being happy to strengthen the intimate relationship.

Romance is mysterious according to one definition that I read.  I kind of like it that way.  Keep the relationship interesting.  Romance is having matching watches so you could always tell when you are thinking about the other person. Romance is being able to look the other person in the eyes and say " you are the one.', and really meaning it with all you have to offer.  Romantic is showing up to karate class, to learn patience and greater physical discipline to protect the one you love most, because she has faith in your ability. The romance is being able to work through challenges and respecting the position of the other person. 

In the end it is the intention or the doer and the perception of the receiver that makes romantic romantic.

I really appreciate this question since I am planning for a wedding soon.

Have a wonderful day.



The Smiling One

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