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Guide To Brisbane: Roses at New Farm Park

Updated on March 13, 2013

New Farm Park lies along the Brisbane River in the suburb of New Farm in Brisbane, Australia.

Today it's a historic, heritage-listed park but it was originally the site of a farm established on the 6th of April 1827 under the orders of Captain Patrick Logan to feed the convict settlers of Brisbane's early days and this is where its name originally comes from. Well known and despised for his cruelty by the convicts, Captain Logan would be killed by a group of Aboriginal men three and a half years later in October of 1830.

A racecourse for horses was built on the site on the 24th of February 1846 and races were run until the 14th of August 1913 when the track was shut down and Brisbane City Council acquired the land.

A landscape designer named Henry Moore did the first design of the park which was opened on the 2nd of July 1914. By 1930 there were around 12,000 rose plants in the park. Two years later in 1932 there were around 21,000 rose plants at New Farm Park comprising of 600 different cultivars.

A redesign of New Farm Park was completed on the 26th of May 1948 by Harry Oakman (who was a rather famous landscape designer in Australia). In its heyday the park had reportably over 40,000 rose plants and some of Harry Oakman's bed layouts can still be seen today.

Today many of the old rose beds have sadly been replaced by grass or urban development but the park still remains one of the biggest collections of roses in Brisbane. I took my camera there during early Summer to capture just a few of the many rose varieties still growing there today.

Rose beds from above at New Farm Park

You can see the shape of some of the Harry Oakman designed rose beds still present at New Farm Park today in the satellite photo above. Be sure to zoom out to take a look at the rest of the park and the surrounding suburb of New Farm.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Rosa 'Duet'
Rosa 'Duet'

Rosa 'Duet' was bred in the USA in 1960 and has won the Baden-Baden Gold Medal in 1959, the National Rose Society Trial Ground Certificate in 1960 and the All-American Rose Selection in 1961. This is a vigorous cultivar with gorgeous two-toned pink and salmon petals. It was my favorite cultivar out of all the roses I saw at New Farm Park.

Rosa 'Vol de Nuit'
Rosa 'Vol de Nuit'

Rosa 'Vol de Nuit' was bred in France in 1970 and won the Rome Gold Medal in 1970. The flowers are a lovely shade of mauve, my second favorite cultivar of the day.

Rosa 'Tiffany' Closed Flower
Rosa 'Tiffany' Closed Flower | Source
Rosa 'Tiffany' Open Flower
Rosa 'Tiffany' Open Flower

Rosa 'Tiffany' was bred in the USA in 1954 and won the Portland Gold Medal in 1954, the All-American Rose Selection in 1955 and the Gamble Fragrance Medal in 1962. The petals change in color from pink at the tip to salmon in the middle with gold coloration at the base.

Rosa 'Mr Lincoln'
Rosa 'Mr Lincoln'

Rosa 'Mr Lincoln' was bred in the USA in 1964 and won the All-American rose selection in 1965. The large dark red flowers have many petals and are very fragrant.

Rosa 'Marchen Konigan'
Rosa 'Marchen Konigan'

I can't find much information on Rosa 'Marchen Konigan' other than the obvious, it has large red flowers with many petals.

Rosa 'Gold Medal'
Rosa 'Gold Medal'

Rosa 'Gold Medal' was bred in the USA in 1982 and won the New Zealand Gold Star of the South Pacific in 1982. The pink-tinged, golden yellow flowers fade to white as they age and have a nice fruity fragrance.

Rosa 'Princess of Monaco'
Rosa 'Princess of Monaco'

Rosa 'Princess of Monaco' known it's place of origin as Rosa 'Princesse de Monaco' was bred in France in 1982. The pink tinged, white flowers are quite fragrant.

Rosa 'Peter Frankenfeld'
Rosa 'Peter Frankenfeld'

Rosa 'Peter Frankenfeld' was bred in Germany in 1966. The deep pink flowers have a nice form and mild fragrance.

Rosa 'Camp David'
Rosa 'Camp David'

Rosa 'Camp David' was bred in Germany in 1984. The large red flowers are probably the best adapted red rose to the hot climate of Australia and are apparently quite hard to source anywhere outside of Australia. They have a pleasant scent.

Floribunda Roses

Rosa 'News'
Rosa 'News'

Rosa 'News' was bred in the UK in 1968 and has won the Royal National Rose Society Gold Medal in 1970 and the Belfast Certificate of Merit in 1970. The flowers have purple-pinkish petals with contrasting yellow stamens. A large bed of these roses were added to Queen Mary's Rose Garden in Regent's Park in London in 1970.

Polyantha Type Roses

Rosa 'Wirruna White Fairy'
Rosa 'Wirruna White Fairy'

Polyantha Type Roses are small flowered but bear profusely. There were many cultivars at New Farm Park but the sun was setting and my photography session was cut short. I can't find much information about the white cultivar shown here, Rosa 'Wirruna White Fairy', but I think it may be an Australian bred variety.


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