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Updated on October 19, 2013


Are you making love or just releasing each others tension?

If you were offered a quick hot dog with greasy onions at the local stall or a cordon bleu meal eaten leisurely at an exclusive restaurant then you would be in no doubt which to choose.

So how about love, are you a participant in the art of making love or have you forgotten it is an art?

All art requires good materials, skill and lots of creativity. The artist needs plenty of time, good environment, clear mind and intimacy with the medium he is choosing to play with.

So lets play.

Lets leave out the overused word "sex" and get on with the subject matter at hand - making love. Love is an experience involving every part of the human body, mind and soul and deserves the reverence this commands.

Spontaneity can be good but what about that planned session of pure art. The room perfumed with sensuous essential oils. Powerful reditions of your favourite mood enhancing music purring from the stereo, on continuous play of course. Soft lights complete our setting.

If the eyes are the windows of the soul then you need time to get in touch. Gentle eye contact will build an exquisite energy, pulse by pulse building the crescendo. The journey is the performance, the art of love making. The crescendo is only confirmation that the performance is coming to an end. So this beautiful journey is just beginning and can be as long as you wish it to be as long as you know how to pace yourselves and just how much you wish to enjoy yourselves.

This is not a meal to be rushed. enjoy sensing the energy around your partner, like sensing the aroma first of a speciality dish. Place your hands gently two or three inches away from the sides of their face and get in touch with your partner's energy. Lower your hands and keeping a few inches away from their body continue this intermingling of vibrations. You are building the fire of intimacy, dancing together in the subtlest of ways. You are becoming artists of love.

Does this bring back memories, no, then maybe you have only been eating at the roadside cafe or even just hanging around the take-away stall. The cordon bleu meal is always there to be eaten you just need to be willing to experiment.

Sitting opposite one another with hands raised in front of your bodies, gently follow each others energy perhaps along with the mood of the music. Take turns at leading the movements, sharing and trusting each other to lead and follow keeping gentle eye/soul contact as you move. This natural orchestration of energies will enable you to get in touch with each other in a way which words or physical touch never allows.

Continue your journey onto the physical level in full consciousness, remembering to hold eye contact. You will be able to sense each others desires and needs in this gentle atmosphere of genuine one to one contact. The energy contact will lead you oh so easily into the physical pleasure. If you understand the deeper secrets of sacred sexuality from the Taoist viewpoint your love making will be as long a session as you want it to be and the rewards are numerous. For men this is a truly proven longevity and energy replenishing method and for women, who I have interviewed in their hundreds, this is the only truly satisfying culmination of their secret desires and inner knowing.

Using this preparation will enable you to "know" this person in a way that is so much more meaningful. Can you see why it was so important to discard the word 'sex' for in order to make love in this way you would need to be prepared to be truly intimate. If this encounter was purely for gratification then it will be extremely difficult to carry out this part of the journey. One sure way of seeing the motives of your potential lover is to suggest our preparations. If your partner runs out of the door then they are not ready for real intimate contact with you!

The goddess/god is present in every man and woman and with a little bit of patience and knowledge you can find it. Go for your hearts desire and say no to that quick bonk on the sofa or even worse the self gratification of a so called "couple" in a habitual 15 minute bedroom scene.

Everything about us is present first in the auric field and subconsciously we are recognising this all of the time. We are drawn and recoil from people at certain times without speaking a word to them because they are presenting themselves first in the energy field around them. If you are to make love then you will need to be compatible vibrationally. The best connection will be with someone that you have a soul, emotional, mental and physical resonance. Notice the order in which these parts of us fall - the best connection will always be with someone that you have a soul resonance with, which will then lead you to the emotional, mental and the oh so easy physical. When you notice something is missing in your connection check these areas in your feeling area. If you started with the physical then something may always feel as if its missing especially now that the whole of our planet is being bathed in higher and higher energies.

Making love is not part of the school curriculum so you may be learning this together. The alchemical secrets of love making are still around but need searching for within the Tao of sex or Tantric Sex. The best Taoist books are from a Master - Mantak Chia which I will give you a link to below - there are many new more western books now which can be helpful but as always its best to understand from the Master himself before the essence is contaminated or watered down. Margo Anand has brought the Tantric sexuality methods to the west in an easily understood form and has many great books to offer. Her book on The Art of Sexual Magic is particulary good as it combines making love with the law of attraction in a powerful way.



Sex 9 Tantric paractices to find God Through Sex

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    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 8 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Terrimak - thanks for comment, glad to hear you have that "connection" some people never find it.



    • profile image

      terrimak 8 years ago

      This is very true. There is a big difference between sex and making love. And as a menopausal woman with hormones that flucutate, making the time to plan out a romantic evening requires just that.

      Fortunately, my husband is very understanding. We discuss everything because the sexual aspect of our relationship has been very satisfying. And I find our connection to bring comfort to my soul when I am distress or anguished about life.

      I loved it! I am on the same page with you.

    • Hilly Chism profile image

      Hilly Chism 8 years ago from Holland

      Nice hub, I went to one of Mantak Chia's massage course's a few years ago and it taught me how to feel and manipulate the energy in my own and other peoples bodies, a skill that has served me well as a masseuse and in my personal life.