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Updated on June 24, 2011

Personal relationships are very complex and depend on many factors mental, physical, social, and financial. But self esteem is one of main mental fabrications important to have good relationships.

Self esteem depends on personal values. If your lifestyle is more in sync with your personal value system, you tend to have a healthy self esteem, and if not you would suffer with low self esteem. Self esteem plays a major role in successful marriage. It all depends on you evaluate yourself as a spouse. What are your values pertaining to being a good spouse.

If you are a man, what is your personal definition of a good husband? What are the traits you consider one should possess to be considered a good husband and based on your value system, are you a good husband? If you consider yourself as a good husband playing your part according to the value systems, I can assure you your marriage will not suffer because of low self esteem.

Self esteem can also be a emotional state influenced by immediate thoughts and actions. This state of mind can also affect a relationship. For example if “my wife’s needs comes first” is your value as a husband and you happen to indulge in something which violates that value, your emotion state can drop into a low level for that particular level. Most often we try to compensate immediately and get back to our cheerful self.

I have seen people with healthy self esteem having healthy relationships with their spouses. Very low self esteem as a trait or an emotional state can cause a lot of damage to the relationship.


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