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Updated on August 11, 2010

Should I cry now . . .

Should I cry now or close my eyes and sleep?! Your love is so damn powerful it makes my body weak.

I know the feelings we share are special and so, so rare. If only you could talk to me, relax, let down your hair.

You've made me feel special and for you I know I've done the same. Let's go outside. I want to  play in the falling rain.

Should I cry now or just close my eyes and sleep. I need to be awake this dream is just too deep.

I'm overwelmed by the things that are taking place. She loves me! She loves me not! It's written all over her face.

Maybe I didn't, I didn't make it clear. That I will always love her even if it's far or near. I reminisce about the Bahamas and the ocean view from our cruise ship suite.

Should i cry now or just close my eyes and sleep. I'm loosing another love and she's who I wanted to keep.

I just wanted her to be patient, for good things come to those who wait.

I think I'll cry now, because it's now too late . . . .

Love always,



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