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Updated on July 28, 2009

Stood Up - PART II

Despite there's no comments on my "STOOD UP" page, is probably people are too embarrassed to admit they've been stood up! After all it is embarrassing. It makes you wonder what is wrong with YOU and why someone would do this to you. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Not unless you set yourself up for it anyway. But I would say 99% of the time, it is NOT your fault!

  • Being that Stood Up is one of my hubs with the most hits and the fact I've had my poll taken by a few people and combining that with my hub stats, there are a lot of really mean people who stand people up, and they have read my story on how to spot it and avoid it!

So to you people, I am very very sorry to know this is the story that gets the most hits! Something that hurts someone? To me, that is just wrong, and you have my heart! I'm so sorry!

I decided here to write another hub on being stood up. I guess I just don't like the fact that the hub about it has gotten so many hits, and the most poll votes, but they are not publicized! I wouldn't do that to anyone anyway because it's horribly embarrassing! I sympathize with you over that as well! Maybe I cannot fix your reasons for being stood up, but I can give you these pages of writings to help you through your evening or weekend. At least you know somone knows how it feels, and whether I'm here to respond or not, you've still got someone on your side who knows how it feels.

After all we go through, both sexes, to get ready for that first special date, we've gotten new clothes, both men and women have gone all out to make this date special and they are left with neither a date showing up, or being left feeling like a fool at a public restaurant or establishment.

In being prompted to write a sequel to being Stood Up, I'm just mystified at the amounts of hurt people who have came to that page, or just sought out how to deal with the feelings you get left with after being stood up.

Are there really this many people in the world who do such a mean thing as this?

Sadly I believe yes! Women have bought dresses, maybe even a new hairstyle, men have gotten new suits, maybe rented a limo, flowers, and maybe is having to pay for those reservations OR show up alone! It happens by both people. I wrote the hub "Stood Up" because someone had stood me up that day.

While that's in the past, I guess I coped best with writing a hub about it. Now that I have seen the impact of how it hurts people, well, if I can educate ANYONE into not standing someone else up, then a small thing in the world will have been justified! (Note I said small)

Being stood up doesn't have to shatter your trust in the opposite sex or friends forever. After all, even though it hurt us, doesn't mean everyone else is going to hurt you, so I hope I can help you get past it and on with your life, don't let them steal another minute from you!

I once knew a girl who never got ready for a date, until he arrived! Then he had to wait for her to get ready, by then the night was late, and almost over. What had happened, she was just sick of being stood up. I can almost see her point. But it was not fair to the new guy. He shouldn't of had to wait while she got ready.

So, let's not try to blame the past on the present or future! (Unless it's a shame on you for trusting the same person over and over) :)

                                      Take today for today!

Just remember that if someone stands you up once, THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT AGAIN. This could possibly hurt your feelings, but if they cared, they'd do something to fix how you feel right then and there. Other than that, WRITE THEM OFF AS ONE WHO STANDS PEOPLE UP, AND DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR FEELINGS!


Once you learn a person A. Lies B. Stands you up (and lies about it) you are WISE to just get that person out of your life right then! Sometimes ones demeanor can make you be swayed to keep them in your life. DON'T LET THAT FOOL YOU, how many times do you want to be stepped on?

When you meet somone and they care about you, you'll NEVER EVER have this problem. Someone who cares for you, they care for your feelings. They'll not put you in a waiting situation, EVER. Your feelings will be as important to you as their own! That's LOVE, THAT'S FRIENDSHIP!

Flowers for you!

What's Done is Done.

Not that it's that much of a consolation, (and because I did a hub on Fresh Cut Flowers from my yard) lol, but here's my attempt to give you flowers for visiting. :)

All in all I think people deserve a little something when you get let down. It hurts. People shouldn't do that to others.

I hope the flowers at least gave you a smile!

I hope this in some way helped you. Even if it's just knowing someone out there feels the same way you do. Please look at my other hub on flowers, maybe it will life your spirits!


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