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Updated on November 27, 2012



The end of a long nurturing friendship is in itself a tragic circumstance does it really need to go out with a bang, is it just not a bang in itself. Have you both not been through the ups and downs of each other’s lives for a number of years? Were you both not there to watch each other’s children come into the world and grow up into young men and women? Did both your families not spend many holidays together and celebrated many birthdays together, so why the extra dig? You are now both disagreeing about something that one of you (the terminator) feels is so bad that you need to call off the friendship. The terminator is yelling and screaming, so all the other person (the receiver) could get in on top of the terminator’s voice was “then fine, God bless you and have a good life”. The receiver hangs up the phone and is good to go, “there is a season for all things and the season for this friendship is over”, the receiver tells herself and for her it is done, nothing else to talk about. So why is it that when her phone rings it is the number of the friend who just terminated their relationship? Then the receiver decides that she is not going to answer the call, there is nothing more to say, and she lets it go to voicemail. When the receiver later checks her voicemail; not to her surprise because she knows the character of the terminator, but purely to her amazement, she listens to the message left by the terminator that hits below the belt. The terminator in a hypocritical, condescending and ghetto, yes I said ghetto tone, leaves her opinion of what she thought, then adds the receiver’s children in a negative connotation and then ends it by saying lose my number. This is coming from the terminator who has more skeletons in her closets than there are closets. What does the receiver do, nothing, the receiver does nothing, no response and other than a chuckle to express how humorous it was, the receiver does nothing. Would you believe that the terminator then sends a text, for what purpose, to close matters, I guess; still the receiver does not respond. Then as the receiver is playing a game on her facebook account she watches as the terminator removes herself from her friend list, it is not amiss for the receiver because she has not even clicked into the terminator’s account in the longest time because the last time she clicked on it, it was filled with semi-naked pictures of the terminator. This was not something that the receiver enjoyed seeing any way so the de-friend part, I would have to say, was a blessing for the receiver. Now let’s hope this is all, or should the receiver await a knock at her door?

The question is why the jump off, you don’t want to be friends any more okay cool, they are not in their teens any more or in their twenties, they are grown adults, so why the jump off? Why the nasty closing ceremony, they have known each other for many years and the receiver knows as much about the terminator as the terminator knows about the receiver and to be fair the receiver may have one closet and a few skeletons but nothing compares to the many closets the terminator has and the thousands of skeletons that are in them. So why does the terminator feel that she should be leading the closing ceremony, why not just walk away quietly. Then there are the insults about the receiver’s children, are these not the children that the terminator at one point adored, loved and watch grow up into adults, why does the terminator now feel that she can stick them into her closing ceremony as a pin to burst the receiver’s bubble? Even more so the receiver knows the terminator and I mean knows her well, so why does the terminator think that anything she says about the receiver’s kids would be worth any attention, especially when the receiver is looking at what the terminator has raised? Why not just leave the kids out of it, why the dig, why the jump off? What I don’t get is if the terminator is yelling at the receiver on the phone and the receiver hangs up because the terminator is out of order, disrespectful, and clearly not listening to what the receiver has to say, why is the terminator calling back? Does the terminator think that the receiver is going to answer the phone and then the terminator can just pick up where she left off?

Listen I believe that friends have disagreements all the time, it is okay to disagree. You do not need to end a friendship over it, but if you choose to do so, then a simple, “Our friendship is over”, will suffice, I think we all know what that means. There is no need for you to jump off or go ghetto, have some class for yourself, go out in style, stop slinging mud, odds are, because your friend has known you for so long, that he or she also knows a lot about you. So why can’t you just walk away in peace, you live your life and your friend will live hers/his, you know? Stop the crazy!


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