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Sailed with Love

Updated on January 10, 2016
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Oscar has hubs on various topics, including painting, self help and poetry topics. Much of his life is a blend of creative activity.

Sail away~~

If life had not love, then where would I be? A ship tossed and driven upon listless seas.

If love showed no kindness, and darkness prevailed, what light would shine so searching eyes could see?

If love didn’t speak with a voice very plain, all other words spoken would be dark and lonely, bitter and bleak!

If love couldn’t listen with both ears in tune, to all the questions, to every need, or to the beat of the heart!

How would one know, and be aware that someone really cares? The joy felt when moved to share, or maybe just to know that all is well!

Love can see past every flaw, bring kindness to every soul, speak powerful words to drive away fear; It can listen to our every need and bring life and peace: The ship that I sail shall be sailed with love!





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