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Saying Cute Things: A Centuries-Long Trend That Girls Adore

Updated on February 21, 2017

As time goes by, things change. No aspect of our lives as we know remains unaltered. Our values and morals change, technology advances at the speed of the light, resulting in major changes in the way we communicate, live, and love. Believe it or not, every generation brings new relationship rules, ideas and trends that are widely considered acceptable. They all have expiration date, except for one trend.

A vintage couple
A vintage couple

Time Changes Everything? Not Really.

The Internet, the social media networks and the smartphones are greatly responsible for today's romance being so different than once. There were times when a young guy and a young girl couldn't speak to each other unless they've been formally introduced. Not to mention that they needed to know each other very well before saying cute things to each other. During these tough dating times, men and women looked forward to attend at a party or at a dance and meet someone who could potentially become their partner. The dances they performed required holding each other close, which was a golden opportunity to start a relationship they were all looking forward to it. At some point, meeting in bars became popular, however, most women considered it to be dangerous.

In Some Ways, Dating Today is Still Different

Today, everyone feels free to approach whoever and whenever they want to and not only online. While no one can tell if it's for good or bad, meeting someone of the opposite sex has become much easier. The relationship expectations and dating rules changed too. For example, if you ask a random couple how did they meet, you should not be surprised to hear something like “I swiped right on her Tinder picture and we've been happily together ever since” or “I'm in love with him from the moment he accepted my friend request on Facebook”.

Believe it or not, the dating game is completely different than it once was and the relationships are different too. Besides from parties, singles were regularly checking the personal ads in the back pages of their city's weekly newspaper in an attempt to find mates. With Tinder, OkCupid and other dating applications at the touch of a finger, finding singles today is much easier. You can even select personality traits, interests and hobbies you want your partner to have and start hunting.

While there are a million of other things that changed in relationships over the years, there is one eternal trend that helped lovers keep the passion alive. The game of sweet words is probably popular ever since the first men on Earth learned the human language. Technology might have dismissed our need for traditional means of communication, but it has also opened a new door for romantic relationships: it made it possible for couples to say or text cute things easier, more conveniently and, of course, more often.

Being romantic was once considered a guy who takes his girl to a dance and dance all night long to romantic tunes, a guy who wears matching clothes, a guy who buys her a surprise birthday cake and a guy who writes and tells her love poems. Guess what? None of these have ever changed – today's girls also find all these things irresistible. However, thanks to the advanced technology, now we can take all of these romantic gestures to the next level and make them public. Many would now take a quick snap of their recently given hand-written poem and immediately share it with the world.

Hand-written love letters never go out of style.
Hand-written love letters never go out of style.

Love letters were once a common form of communication between lovers, especially lovers over long distances. Although there are some lovers who still prefer the good-old handwritten sweet word over mobile phone texts and calls, technology advancement has made communicating and being romantic a lot easier. You can still go full-Shakespeare mode for hours by expressing your feelings in a romantic way and make your girl the happiest in the world. That can also benefit your relationship and keep it strong for many years to come.

The time may have changed the way people flirt and get together, but girls will always be girls and girls will always love men who write and tell them cute and romantic things. Be the guy that the girl you like cannot turn down. Simply sugar-coat your feelings towards her in sweet lines and you have the most romantic things to say to your girlfriend.

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