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Saying Goodbye to Your Spouse!!

Updated on March 11, 2015


Saying, goodbye to anyone close as a spouse is not an easy task to do. There are times that it is a necessity to let go.Divorce is one way, separation is of course another way.Why would you do this? Infidelity between your spouse and another person is high on the list of reasons. There are numerous reasons to let go if abuse is part of this problem with a spouse. America is known for it's high divorce rate, and there is no end until we start letting God into our lives.

God, is the answer to problems that present themselves to us that we can not handle. Being religious has nothing to do with having a spiritual connection with God.Wake up n the morning and pray for this situation and ask for answers and they will come to you. People , do not want to use God for answers, that is the problem with the world today. Spouses line up the lawyers office and get divorced every single day for situations that are negotiable through God.

Keep your head up in this mess of you and your spouse and keep a positive attitude. If abuse in any form is present on a daily basis, leave or move to another place and get therapy for this abuse.Sometimes if the other spouse sees that you are getting help they themselves might seek advice and then the situation can work out. I have seen this happen.In America, we are use to having things go our way. Divorce is one of them, and it's a quick fix for a problem.

Most of us got married in the church. Think about it, why? Before God and your friends you pronounced your love to this person and he or she can change is they want.Help is needed from family members or doctors in some cases to keep marriages from going to divorce courts. Try everything in your power to not choose divorce to be your final escape.

"Saying Goodbye To A Friend"

Just Goodbye

If Death is an Issue

We are not going to live forever and this means that we lose our loved ones sometimes when we are not prepared for this. God knows when it is our time and nothing will stop God from taking someone that you loved. This is God's way of making you stronger. Saying goodbye is even more difficult in this circumstance than any other.Death is hard to understand, especially with someone that you loved and cherished all your life.Look at this as a way of growth within yourself.

Easy said than done, but with the grace and understanding of why God does what he does and a strong spiritual connection with the spirit of God this can be an oppurtunity for you to grow as a human.

Death also brings forth new people into your life, that you might not have even known before. Therefor, new beginnings takes place in your life and take advantage of this opportunity to make a new friend.Try not to be down as a death tends to take a strain of pain for most humans. It is natural, but look for new people that may be put into your life because of this death.Try to remain positive and you will overcome this obstacle sooner than later.

Summary of "Saying Goodbye"

Whether it is a joyous goodbye or a sad goodbye to a friend or spouse , learn a lesson from the experience and move on. Keep one foot forward and don't take two steps back. Stay positive that this is just the way life has thrown you a curve ball, but the game is not over.

Look at this as a opportunity to fill a void with positive re-enforcement for yourself and your family. Do not let gloom slip in ,and keep a smile on your face as God has better things in your life to concern yourself with. We all move on and some of us have to move to other places. We then say goodbye to a lot of people and places.

Get involved in some type of activity that makes positive sense to you. Stay productive and pro-active in your new life. The old life is done with every day is a new beginning.Yestarday is the past and today is your future.


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