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Scorpio women and Virgo Men

Updated on August 3, 2012

scorpio women and Virgo men

The Truth about Scorpio Women and Virgo Men Relationship

Everyone deserves a happy ending when it comes to love. Scorpio women can find that with the down to earth Virgo man. Virgos are the earth sign of the zodiac and goes well with the water sign Scorpio. Normally Virgo men are attracted to the physical and how neatly a woman is put together. The way she walks, the way she talks, how she smells are some of the qualities he may look for. Scorpio women look for the romantic and the guy who likes to have a good time. A Virgo has himself together and everything in his life seems to be in order and that is exactly what he is looking for in a woman. This man doesn’t like drama or anything that would cause stress to his life. So a Scorpio woman must keep the drama to a minimal; which could be hard at time.

Virgo men are great listeners and always make great friends as well as your mate. For a Scorpio who deals with drama or a crisis know that a Virgo man will allow her to understand and handle it better by giving their advice. That would help Scorpio to feel understand and loved. Virgo men may appear to have it together but they worry just like Scorpio does. They have a tendency not to show it. They ask questions a lot rather in the bedroom or just about their next moves in life. Scorpio women are there to allow assurance. Virgo men and Scorpio women are great together to handle life lessons.

Virgo men are not as opened with their feelings and they often hold it in. Scorpio women love to show their affection for their men. Conversations are important to Scorpio women. Virgo men wouldn’t tell you they love you just to get you in bed. When they say it they mean it. They have to make sure that you are the one before they open up to you. Scorpio women will need patience when it comes to Virgo men who take his time in a relationship. Most of the time Virgo men are quiet and that makes Scorpio uncomfortable. So they may question him to see if he is ok. Their face often doesn’t show emotions. So you can never know what mood they are in. They are not the most romantic men either. They show their love in other ways but not directly. This could be a problem.

Virgo men are perfectionist. When you first meet them they will have a neat hair cut and facial hair if they have it. Clean clothes that normally match from head to toe. They take pride in how they look their homes, vehicles, shoes and their kids mainly anything they own. This will immediately attract Scorpio women. The Scorpio woman will see all of this and feel like she found Mr. Right. In the beginning the Virgo will seem perfect. They will call constantly and always want to see you. They pay when you go out to eat. Virgo men let you know everything about the life and they tell you their schedule. You want have to worry where they are. When they are interested in you they let you know and you will never doubt how they feel. But like all good things problems occur. They will slowly try to change Scorpio women by making small suggestions. Like which clothes would be better for you or how you should wear your hair. Every flaw that Scorpio women have will come under Virgo men glare.

Virgo men are normally employed if not they will fall into a great depression or if things in their life they will put you on the backburner. Their insecurities will be uncover and they start to doubt why are you will a them. Scorpio women will pull away because misery isn’t something they want to see. They will start to distance themselves. Virgo men can tell if a relationship is going to work or not. If so he will pull away. But a Scorpio women will not settle for a relationship where she feel that she is giving too much and the man isn’t. Virgo men and Scorpio share some things but it all depends


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