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Friends Remembered (Poem)

Updated on August 25, 2018

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.

— Charles Caleb Colton

Great to be Together


True Friendship is Heavenly


A Tribute on Friendship Day

Whenever I sit on my terrace

Astonishingly, curiously and lovingly

I gaze at the sky.

Once I gazed and gazed

Unknowingly for quite a long

A sudden uproar led

My gazing trip to death

I then seemed to wake up

Found myself a little confused and sad.

Wondered what happened

Later, I understood

I had trodden down the memory lane

That’s which continues to pain.

Anxiously I searched for

Two faces those were very familiar

Presently are in heaven

Never to come back again.

Died in their early forties

Succumbed due to mental stress

Ill fate when struck them hard

Friends failed to reach out

Long distance was the cause behind, and,

Hearts of the childhood friends were torn apart.

Both the loving friends left forever

In a very similar manner

Two such tragedies within a couple of years

Left no childhood friends without tears

Among the mourners one was my husband

I too felt completely shattered.

Those lost loving friends

Considered as an asset of life

I on the other hand

Lost friends-cum-brothers

As I was never treated

Only like a friend’s wife

Rather love and care I received

Like a friendly younger sister of theirs.

On World Friendship Day

A wholehearted tribute I pay

To my lost friends-cum-brothers:

Every friend till date cherishes

Those moments they spent together

Thoughts of theirs are our loved possession

Time will fly but not our loving memories

As we have embossed them in our hearts.

True friends are the ones who never leave your heart, even if they leave your life for a while. Even after years apart, you pick up with them right where you left off, and even if they die they're never dead in your heart.

— Unknown

Vacuum created by Friend's Death

It is a fact that when a loving friend departs from this earth a vacuum in another friend's heart is created. Nothing can fulfil that gap because the time spent with the friend who passed away cannot be taken by anyone in the present. It is the fact that life doesn't stop after someone's death but it certainly changes. With time the expression of feeling gets milder but if the friend's loss is discussed openly then the grief of missing them gets reflected on their face and in their voice.

Childhood friends are unforgettable due to various reasons and if a death takes place then the loss remains irreparable. What makes childhood friends so special and why their death leaves a vacuum in one's life can be listed as:

1. Who can take away the memories related to childhood mischief?

2. What about the fights and the friendship after it?

3. Remembering friends while talking about bunking classes for movies.

4. Getting all sorts of help such as notes, informations and so on.

5. Enjoying birthday parties together.

6. Sharing secrets of each other.

7. Playing, having fun and getting punishment together.

8. Talking nonsense is an all time favourite pastime of true friends.

9. Remembering friends brightens the mood

10. Tight lipped about each others secrets unless assured of not pushing one another in deep trouble

The fact is, the moments are uncountable and so it is quite natural that if one such friend is lost forever then nothing can fill the vacuum created by it. Friendship is not only about indulging into fun and frolic but it teaches a lesson of love, caring and sharing. It even teaches how to guard and guide a dear person so that the other one does not fall into a trouble. Through friendship one learns to love a person who is not a member of one's own family and starts an unending bond that has no substitute.

World Friendship Day

Every year the first Sunday of August is celebrated as the World Friendship Day. Happy Friendship Day to everybody and I sincerely wish that everyone in their lifetime may have more and more special friends. It is certainly a pleasure and a great treasure. In 2016, the World Friendship Day will fall on 7th August. Cheer up and celebrate it to its utmost!

A Friend's Untimely Death

Recently, I came to know about the death of one of my classmates. Though it's a long time I met her last the news of her death took me back to my school days. I instantly felt an intense pain. She was an introvert but very well behaved girl. Her sufferings took her away from this world very early but what she left behind is her loving qualities.Every friend of her including me will fondly remember her as a very sweet and loving friend. Death of a loving person is always painful but if it is untimely then coping up with it becomes difficult. May God bless her soul!

The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.

— Seneca

Forever Friends


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