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Secret of Happy Wife!! What kind of expectations do happy wives have from husbands?

Updated on May 31, 2013
Happy Wives
Happy Wives | Source

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Secret of Happy Wife

Secret of happy wife revealed! Married women, can they be happy? Most women marry with high expectations of living happy ever after. They find the right men and know it is the right choice. They look in the mirror and say they know they are making the right decision. Some women tend to become happy wives whereas others become nagging, resentful wives. What is the difference between these women? How can women choose to become happy wives? Here, are some of the characteristics commonly found in happy and content wives:

1. Happy Wives have their own life. Women who continue with their hobbies and work tend to remain happy after marriage too. They have their own interests which gives them opportunity to express themselves and have their own identity. They don't expect their husbands or children to make them happy and give them company. While women who tend to live their lives completely in four walls of home, tend to depend too much on husband and kids. When those expectations are not met, they feel frustrated and negative. Hence, it is good to continue with your interests after your marriage too. When women give time to themselves, they are watering the roots of the family tree. The family tree is bound to give good fruits too. Hence, happy wives leads to happy family. Thus, when women spend time on their career or hobbies, women, families and society receives the benefit.

2. Happy Wives have good social networking. Women who have good friends and maintain close relationship with their families and relatives, tend to prosper and remain happy. They don't expect much from their husbands and this gives the couple freedom to have their own space. When women expect their husbands to listen to their every story, the husbands feel pressurized. This can cause unhappiness in the relationship. Hence, women who are happy after marriage tend to give good space to their husbands and rely on other significant relationships.

3. Happy Wives have no expectation. Women who have expectations from their partner, find themselves unhappy in the end. It could be the money, child rearing, housekeeping or any other matter. When women focus on themselves and what they can do in current situation, it is easier to manage. Unhappy women tend to focus on their spouse and what they are supposed to do and ultimately, it leads to nagging and frustration.

4. Happy Wives are emotionally stable. Marriage creates a strong dynamic between husband and wife which can be positive or negative. If there is positive remark from one side, then the other person reciprocate. However, if there is a criticism, some women lose their emotional control. They might reciprocate it ten times more and hence, the vicious circle continues. Women who understand that their mental stability is in their own hand and behave peacefully in case of criticism, can handle the relationship well.

Happy Wives are those women who have found the secret of living and managing relationships. They can be put in extreme situations and still be happy and content. They don't depend upon environment and people to make them happy. They are internally happy and content. They control their own life by taking good decisions about themselves. This is the ultimate secret of living good life.

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Happy Wife, Happy Life from a wise man


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    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 4 years ago from Singapore

      Ebony, thank you for your insight and positive feedback. When we take responsibility for our own happiness, we live content and happy life. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ebonny profile image

      Ebonny 4 years ago from UK

      Thank you for sharing. We all need to take responsibility for our own happiness with our spouses being the cherry on the top, not the entire cake.

      Voted up and sharing.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 5 years ago from Singapore

      Great Neha. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, happy women need to be emotionally stable and enjoy their hobbies and maintain their interests.

    • Neha Sadana profile image

      Neha Sadana 5 years ago from India

      Hello Ruchi! It is necessary to continue with your interests after your marriage, particularly for a woman. It takes years to get adjusted in the new environment after marriage. That time, your hobbies and interests could be your best companion. You are right, a happy woman is more emotionally stable. I can say it by my experience :)

    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 5 years ago from Tumkur

      You have given highly practical and proven criterial points Mrs. Ruchi. i appreciate your understanding of life at such an young age. God bless you

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Prairieprincess, thanks for your feedback. Yes, when we have no expectations from others, it leads to happy and content life. Thanks for voting up, reading and sharing.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      Ruchi, this is great advice. I agree with all of your points but especially the point about not having expectations. I think when either the husband or wife has too many expectations, it causes so many problems because it's impossible for the other person to fulfill them. Great hub! Voted up, more and sharing.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks fpherj48 for your wonderful feedback. I agree with each and every word of your comment. Thanking for visiting and reading this article.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Fiona, yes, I agree with you, happiness is inside us. Yes, we all need to take care of our own needs first. Just like when we sit in a flight, the safety instructions guide us to put breathing mask on yourself before your child. Similarly, we need to meet our own needs first too before taking care of others.

    • profile image

      Fiona 6 years ago

      The secrets of happily married women are the same as the secrets of happily unmarried women! You make your own happiness! I was happily married for 30 years. I was happy for thirty years and married. I realise now that my husband didn't make me happy. I made myself happy. Now that I have thrown him out for infidelity I will continue to do that.My big regret is being so financially dependant on him and spending too much of my life trying to make him happy.I should have been more selfish and concentrated more on myself.

    • Riverfish24 profile image

      Riverfish24 6 years ago from United States

      Totally agree! I strongly believe in independence in the shared space of marriage and I strive everyday to follow it. It took me to get by the first year to understand it but now its fine! :)

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      Even though I'm unmarried, and do not know about married women's happiness, I enjoyed reading this.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Ruchi....Wonderful hub. You explain the secrets to "happiness" for married women, that have basically been my firm beliefs. The key, if you will, is that we are each truly responsible for our own happiness and certainly our inner peace (which are inseperable)...

      A woman who is an unhappy individual, cannot expect that because she has married, this man is responsible to magically transform into a blissful woman. This is rather foolish. On the other hand, a woman who is genuinely pleased with herself and abilities, is not easily disillusioned by another person...even a husband.

      I would love for young single women to heed this wisdom.

      It comes down to simplicity, don't you think? Two people who love one another find it effortless to be respectful and supportive to each other. Up++

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 6 years ago from United States

      Good tips, Ruchi and I agree with you!

      Being independent and emotionally stable helps being a good person and a wife.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 6 years ago from USA

      These are great tips to be a happy wife, and I agree with all of them. People do tend to think other people should make them happy, when it is in their own hands.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for reading and providing your great feedback. I hope it helps and makes a positive difference in your life.

    • profile image

      onlooker 6 years ago

      Useful stuff and voted up! I am going to come back and re read this over and over again. Arrghhh! XD Thanks for sharing Ruchi.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Princessa for providing your feedback and true experience. When I had my first child, I too expected few things from my husband. Ultimately, I realized it is easier to do it myself and let my husband do when and what he wants. It helps to save my energy and I can focus on my work and relationships better.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Rosika for reading this article. I appreciate your feedback.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Alisha4u.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks SMD2012 for your beautiful feedback.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Cogerson. I hope it helps all married partners who want to make their marriage more content and happy.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Curiad for your feedback. Appreciate your sharing and voting up.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Cheatlierepeat, I appreciate your feedback. I agree with you that when a woman maintains her own identity and relationships after marriage, it gives her high chances of living a happy and content life. Being submissive, is not meant for everybody and sometimes, it might create parent-child patterns which erodes the love from marriage.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 6 years ago from France

      Interesting the idea of happy Wives having no expectations from their men.I think you are right there, for a long time I expected a lot from my husband and only ended up frustrated at the fact that he wouldn't be up to my standards. It is important to understand that we must find happiness WITHIN ourselves.

    • rosika profile image

      rosika 6 years ago

      Very great hub...very true secret for happy wife, loved it!

    • alisha4u profile image

      alisha4u 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice one Ruchi....Well-researched

    • SMD2012 profile image

      Sally Hayes 6 years ago

      Great hub! Agree completely! Happy wives take responsibility for their own happiness!

    • Cogerson profile image

      UltimateMovieRankings 6 years ago from Virginia

      Lots of great information in this hub...that I am forwarding to my wife. Voted up and interesting.

    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 6 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      Greetings Ruchi, this is a very well written Hub and filled with good tips! Thank you for sharing this!

      Voted Up

    • cheatlierepeat profile image

      cheatlierepeat 6 years ago from Canada

      What exactly is biblically submissive, I apologize but that sounds old school to me. I have an ex husband who was probably considered "the head of the home" in control, final say on big decisions, his mood determined my mood etc etc. I was miserable, had no identity of my own, no life outside of him (his doing) because if I socialized without him he made it hell for me when I got back, moody, questions, accusations (maybe because he was cheating himself) I don't know, but I do know I now have an amazing relationship with an "equal" and in the two years we have been together we have no yelled, fought or anything...every day is an amazing journey with my best friend at my side? No offence, I don't think the word "submissive" sits well with me. Everyone needs to be their own individual and be with someone who compliments that, not competes. Then again, I may not know what it means and be way off base. I just don't like how it sounds. I think when you are truly with the right partner, have mutual respect and are able to see beyond your own needs that you are in a happy marriage. This is a very nice hub and hair bender, this is not a personal criticism, just me not understanding what that concept means. I also respect that we all differ in what works for us :)

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 6 years ago from India

      Hi Ruchi,

      Wonderful intuitive thoughts!

      I think I am a happy wife probably because I can look at my husband as a different individual and not a puppet in my hands. We respect each other's space even when we are intimate.

      Thanks for SHARING:)

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Hair bender, thanks for your feedback. I believe that if husbands depend upon their wives to be submissive, then they can blame wives if the marriage is not working. Each person need to shift the focus on themselves and take responsibility.

    • hair bender profile image

      hair bender 6 years ago

      I personally believe that for a woman to be a happily married woman, she must also be biblically submissive to her husband. A man who is a true head of the household Biblically speaking will also make it very easy for his wife to be a happily married woman. I have had 3 failed marriages because neither of us followed a covenant marriage but this marriage, going on 9 years, is a definite Biblical, covenant marriage and we are so happy!


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