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5 Secrets To A Successful and Happy Marriage

Updated on January 27, 2014

Good Marriage Advice

What are your values in your relationship? What is the secret to a happy marriage? Is it important to have a Happy and Intimate marriage?

If your a person that cherishes their freedom and excitement in life, how do you think that effects your relationships. Be sure your done with your selfish ways once married. There is no room for selfishness when you want a successful marriage.

Do you want to know how to have a happy marriage instead of a financially draining, child destroying , terrible future killing divorce? In short communication with your spouse is part of the puzzle and your commitment to do what ever it takes is the rest.

Without communication and commitment you won't be able to make it to the trust,honor,admiration,romance and other intimacies of your relationship.

If your faced with an exciting time in Cancun with the boys/or girls after you set up a romantic date with your partner. You may cancel or (forget). Because you value the exciting times more.

Remember how you felt when you chose your spouse, this is still the same person. Think about what it took to gain the trust and love to make the marriage commitment. This is what you still need to maintain it.

Before you make choices in your life that may affect your spouse always think about the happy marriage you wish to have for years to come.

Fight For A Happy, Healthy and Intimate Relationship to make your Marriage a Success

A person that values their relationship first would have no problems taking well deserved time to themselves when appropriate. Their secure and loving spouse would understand and tell them to go for it. Then you would go and have fun with peers with no guilt.

What do you think they will do? Yes, cancel the family vacation. Putting the family last in their value system.

Take a really good look at what your values are and put them in the proper order. Write them down in the order they are now in your life. Then write down the order they should be in and work forward to change the way you relate and make decisions in your relationships.

  • Commit
  • Respect
  • Compromise
  • Keep Promises
  • Partnership in life
  • Love your spouse
  • Share (yourself)
  • Communicate everyday
  • Date at least twice a month
  • Consider before making major decisions

Write down what is most important in your life. Write down the order of these values. When you see it on print, you will be forced to deal with the condition of your relationship.Then fix it.

At that time you will then begin to receive wonderful pleasures from a satisfied partner. Especially because you now took an interest in their continued happiness. You will begin to see what you were missing!

5 Secrets To A Successful and Happy Marriage

The secret to a happy marriage is that it is you that has to want it. We know what we have to do but have forgotten. The secret is to always remember and (Nike said it better) just do it. A happy marriage is your perception of your marriage.

  1. Treat your spouse as if they will be gone tomorrow. No day is promised; love hard today.
  2. Make you partner your best friend and confident before all others; after all they are the ones that will care for you when your sick or worse.
  3. Learn how to be the best partner you can be as if it is your mission to save the world; if you don't, you will never experience how strong and loving your relationship can be.
  4. Drop pride outside your home. There is no place for it in a relationship where you are responsible for each other as one.Like smoking it could ruin your health.
  5. Pray or meditate as one. Making love is not the only intimate time you can join with your partner. Intimacy on a spiritual level connects you for life and beyond.

Are you grateful and happy for the gifts you have in your marriage? Are you happy about the family unit you help created? Will your family defend you and love you?

It is your decision to be in a happy marriage. It is your decision to change your attitude and believe me you will see a wonderful change in your family. Here are timeless secrets to a good marriage.

Tips For A Happy Marriage

  1. Be grateful and show gratitude.
  2. Show patience and care.
  3. Give unconditional love.
  4. Hug and kiss your family.
  5. Give praise and build confidence
  6. Spend quality time.
  7. Forgiveness

You decide what a happy marriage is to you . Make it a life decision and your personal quest. Decide that you want a confident happy spouse and children. Commit to doing what ever you have to do to make it happen. Make a decision that the alternative is a threat to your happiness and communicate to the world that your marriage is the most important.

If you want a happy marriage you can have it. It you think you can't your right. Please read How To Have a Successful Marriage.


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